DJ Greg Nasty & Young Jeezy - Trap Files 1

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1. Err Day (New)
2. Welcome Back
3. Bang
4. Who Dat
5. 24 23 (Kobe Lebron)
6. Biggest Movie Ever
7. That Aint It
8. Amazin
9. Consistent
10. Stupid
11. The Under Dawg
12. Trap Files
13. Something Else
14. Thug Living
15. Ballin Is My Hobby
16. Go Get That Money
17. 1st Name Last Name
18. Gettin Money
19. All The Above
20. Get Allot
21. Fast Money
22. Still Talkin White Brick
23. Candy Paint
24. Trapstar Statis
25. Feed The Streets
26. Im The Truth
27. Dead Or Alive
28. Always Strapped
29. Sunny Days
30. Im Goin In
31. And Then What
32. Grind Hard
33. Jumpin Out The Window
34. What's Realer ?
35. Goose & Henny
36. I Got It
37. Louie Bag
38. They Know
39. Im So Hood
40. Hurt
41. You Better Believe It
42. I Got My Loc's On
43. Im On Some Hood Shit
44. Put On
45. I Do This
46. Done It All
47. Out Here Grindin
48. I Hustle
49. Throw This Money
50. I Luv It
51. Conglomerate
52. Superstar
53. The Media Talkin Bad
54. Blame It
55. Im So Paid
56. Corperate Thuggin
57. Soul Survivor
58. Air Forces
59. Black Dreams
60. Im Amazin
61, Trap Or Die
62. Outro

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M3 1st BiTcHEs ))--> JEeZY # 1 FaN

Wë§TSïD3 [83] HØöVËR ))--> DüH
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Stick to the Topic

There is way too much Noise on mixtapetorrents comment board. No information on the Actual Tapes. Ive burned the CD, Played it in my Car Steroo, and gave it a Fair Trial. Overall, Its a Decent CD. Theres a Few things I liked about it, and a Few things I didnt like about it. Basically, Its a Normal-Length CD but its broken into close to 70 tracks; Each song lasting only 1:30-2:00. This CD covers almost all of Young Jeezys Flows, and if you Like Jeezy. Youll enjoy alot of the remixed flows. Hes got Guccies "Break Up" beat for Amazing, Young Dros "Take Off" beat, Crime Mobbs "Shine Cause I grind" Beat among other good beats. As far as mixing the Songs together, DJ Nasty fucks up on a couple tracks. Some songs are blended a tad too much, or Loop too much. Those tracks are few and far between, but They are there. Youll notice them. Basically, If you Like Young Jeezy. This tape is worth downloading. Yes, It may be Recycled Material but it goes to fresh beats and is basically a Chronology of different Jeezy flows. Bass lines are good, and there are more then 10 songs you can jam out too on here. Even if they are only 1:30-2:00 a piece. -

old. . .fugg it. . download..

old. . .fugg it. . download..

old. . .fugg it. . download..

old. . .fugg it. . download..

dont download nevermind haha

dont download nevermind haha
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Shit Is Old But Its A Nice Big Ass Collection For Fans Of The SnowMan
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need to drop some new....

growth & development... jeezy need to drop some new shit....waitn on that album tho no doubt!