DJ Haze - Blood Is Thicker Than Water 9

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1. Gino Blak - Intro (Exclusive)
2. 40 Cal - Haters E.n.v.y.(Exclusive)
3. Nu Jerzey Devil Ft. Brooklyn - Bank Roll(Exclusive)
4. Jim Jones - Freestyle(Exclusive)
5. Jay Rock Speaks
6. Jay Rock Ft. Jahiem - Momma Dont Cry
7. Oj Da Juiceman - Freestyle (Exclusive)
8. Waka Flocka Flame ft. Slim Duncan ,Reese Gotti ,& Oops- Louie Dip
9. Rick Ross - Freestyle (Exclusive)
10. The Game Ft. Strong Arm Steady - Trunk Music
11. Lil Wayne Ft. Drake - My Darlin' Baby
12. Lil Wayne Ft. Jay Rock - Colors
13. LairJet Lou Ft. Newz - GoodBye (Exclusive)
14. Hell Rell - Im So Cold
15. Freekey Zeeky Speaks
16. Freekey Zekky - Gotta Body
17. Fred Money (Writers Block/Dipset) ft. 334 Mobb - Change (Exclusive)
18. Charlie Chips & Dub - U.N. Dopeman
19. Noe Speaks
20. Noe - Watch How I move

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This Mixtape is Almost Jammin mayne,but jus one Goddamn thang,why tha FUCK does it got to have OJ Da Juice bitch ass on it,DAMN!!!,all trackz are good but thiz shit,I Aint a Hater,but like I always say Real Recognize Real,but as far as this nigga OJ,he aint real,He Fake,you know it,and I know it mayne,only thing jammin on all these niggaz fuckin wit gucci now,are jus tha DAMN beatz,and that Nigga Zaytoven aint gettin his respect for it,cuz these niggaz would probably not be shit witout him.Period. -;[[REAL RECOGNIZE REAL]];-
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That shit had me blowed too!!

Im sittin here Jammin to this shit and next track come on and OJ Shit Pops in and i nearly throw my fuckin Computer out the window before i realize i can just throw that shit in the Recycle bin.. whew.
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]

love thiz shit

dis dat shit ma nigga i like dj haze mixtape.


office ross is blood?
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Rick Ross is a supposed

Rick Ross is a supposed Gangster Disciple not a blood, there are pics online of him throwing up the pitchfork, so i have no idea why he is even on this mixtape. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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I thought the pitchfork was the sign for Folk. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
PuRpLeH42eSm0kE's picture

Folk and Gangsta Disciple is

Folk and Gangsta Disciple is the same thing, Folk is just what they call another brother of the struggle/member. Instead of saying what up cuz like the crips, or what up blood like the bloods, they say what up folk. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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"Blood is thicker than

"Blood is thicker than water" is a German proverb (originally: Blut ist dicker als Wasser.), which is also common in English speaking countries. It generally means that the bonds of family and common ancestry are stronger than those bonds between unrelated people (such as friendship)......Am I missing something as to why ya'll think just cause they use the word blood that its gang related???
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If you were a fan of this series you would know that most of the artist in this mixtapes starting with the very first one are "DAMUS" Translation: "BLOODS" .....K'mon homeboy get with the program. ( (( A.W.O.L )) )
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Sick tape by the way... But wuzzup with the BlackWallStreet Radio compilation??? is been a minute? ( (( A.W.O.L )) )
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For some reason I trust you

For some reason I trust you know what you're talkin bout on this one dog. So Oj da looseman is a blood??? And Wayne, Ross and Jim Jones???
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growth & development... niggas this day and age dont gangbang they just frontn......but once again that hell rell track go hard
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Shuts Yo Dum Ass Up!

Nigga If It Aint 1 Thang Its Another You Lame Ass Mothafucka!
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Ross is a supposed GD not

Ross is a supposed GD not blood, i don't know why the fuck he is on this tape. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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chop76 wrote:
For some reason I trust you know what you're talkin bout on this one dog. So Oj da looseman is a blood??? And Wayne, Ross and Jim Jones???
Just on the cover alone: Lil Wayne reps Uptown Eastside Bloods (New Orleans), Jim Jones reps Nine Trey Gangzta Bloods (Harlem NY), 40 Cal reps same as J. Jones, Jay Rock reps Bounty Hunters Bloods (Nickerson Gardens, Watts) New Jersey Devil reps Bloods (Atlantic City), I dont know bout Ricky Ross but i do know his uncle use to rep Blood... And OJ? well OJ i dont know about that dude. Him & Gucci are Bloods (so they say) thats why they always flamed up from head 2 toe but them fools say the word "ckuz" more than Tookie Williams did! so i dont know??? I think is just a fade for them country ass ni99az. ( (( A.W.O.L )) )
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See I knew you knew what you

See I knew you knew what you were talkin bout, Ive never heard Wayne claim anything, and I really cant stand to hear Jim Jones rap so I wouldnt know bout him. And I believe if I was a blood I would have to find OJ and force him to wear blue.
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dont know but ross a fat ass fake

growth & development... niggas better be careful throwing up them rakes niggas be bloods one day crips the next GD'S to VL'S STONES LK'S AND SO ON hell nigga be draped down in red you think he five n he rolln six what the fuck niggas do shit just to get plugged in the hood with there wishful thinking lyrics niggas aint in the hood like they rap about.
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I know 99% of this shit is

I know 99% of this shit is fake, and they just do what sells records. But as far as being in the hood goes, if you just got a million would you want to go around all your broke friend and listen to them talk bout how hungry they are or how there car wont crank but they dont have money to fix it, I get tired of people askin me for a cigarette I couldnt imagine bein the only one with money in the hood. that hand out shit gets real old real fast you cant blame someone for getting out the hood
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True! But Respect They Grind,And Dont HATE!!