DJ Haze & Nu Jerzey Devil - Blood Is Thicker Than Water 11

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01 Tone Trump - Tone Trump Intro [Prod. By Cookin Soul]
02 Game - Married To The Block
03 Nu Jerzey Devil Feat. Big Fase 100 & Greedy - I'm A Cedar
04 Lil Wayne Feat. Birdman - Loyalty
05 Tone Trump - Im Philly
06 Game Feat. Ja Rule - Pop-Off
07 Jay Rock Feat. Pbr & Mac Teezy - You Dont Want It
08 Tone Trump - No Way Out (Interlude)
09 Menace Feat. Lil Wayne & Mitchy Slick - Blood Niggaz
10 Nu Jerzey Devil Feat. Menace - Twenty Four [Prod. By Aboogie For Djhaze
11 Fred Money - Freestyle
12 Xo Feat. Juice & Topic - Let Them Come
13 Grafh Feat. Jim Jones, Red Cafe, Bun B, Maino & Cassidy - Bring The Goons Out
14 Ron Browz Feat. Jr Writer & Cassidy - Cheese N Crackers
15 Nu Jerzey Devil Feat. Mack Maine - Entrepreneurs
16 Dj Haze Feat. Jr Writer, Fred Money & Don P - Thunderbirds [Prod. By Aboogie
For Djhaze Prods]
17 Killer Mike Feat. Ludacris & Game - Still My Nigga
18 Juice Feat. Xo & Max - Time To Get Paid (Remix)
19 Nu Jerzey Devil Feat. La Goon - I Cant Believe It
20 Tone Trump - New Blood (Interlude)
21 Tone Trump - Gettin To The Money
22 Gino Blak - Money, Fame & Cars [Prod. By Dj Haze Prods]
23 Ph Feat. Charlie Clips - Exclusive
24 Frankie Krutches - Ride With C4 [Prod. By Nu Jerzey Devil]
25 Xo Feat. Papoose - The Making
26 Tone Trump - Signoff

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Already i been waitin on this one here for a good minute... This shit is FIYA!


good one...10 n 16 go extra
d wEEZY 1's picture

a def dl. you already know

a def dl. you already know this is gonna be good...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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liked it.

Not a bad lil mix here
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whoever did dis cover get at

whoever did dis cover get at me or if u can do covers get at me
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I do covers.

What kind/type of cover design your looking fo and when you need it?
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Do they look as bad as you're videos?? Your videos look like wedding day movies so im gessing your covers must look like wedding invintations ha-hahahahahaha! I bet you one of them annoying niggas from Datpiff spammin shit all day huh? gtfoh
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My famous dick sucka! WAZZUP!

Wow, yo lips must be puckered up, wet and ready lol, Thats good you watched my vids, they got over 10,000 views and every single comment on them but yours is positive and all of em have over 20 star rating, lol, of course you don't like em because they about the team you hate the most lmao..
And my name the same name on here as Datpiff, i only go on there to hit play on the player and preview music before i download so you can't stalk my dick there, postin there is a waste of time i bet thats all you do tho since i ran yo ass outta here especially after how stupid yo post looked about Saints losing before they won the whole thing, then you vanished off the site for a good min and tried to let the steam die down before you bounce yo bent up bobble head back on here lol
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You think you ran me off? when cause i was'nt aware of it?? You wrong bruh. I always download music from here i just never bother to comment or even log-in. I find it pointless to comment about a mixtape to a bunch of strangers. I have better things to do with my life then to waste it in here with you geeks. The only reason im in here now is because we having shitti weather in north Tx rightnow and im bored. So i thought i come in and stir some shit up lol. Ill tape right here by the way. When is this nigga Game suppose to drop the album anyway??
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Thats funny.

LMAO! i love how ya'll nigga'z act like ya'll so cool and you don't have time to comment or wasn't frequently commentin on here at some point lol.
Don't make me tell people all they gotta do is type yo name in the search window at the top right of this site and hit the search button and see all the shit you ever posted and how frequently you posted nigga, y'all nigga's entire Comment history is on this site forever! you can even do a google search for all for all yo post lmao, just put in google lmao... OOPPPSSSSS
Damn i went and told people how to find out how fake a nikka is lol damn.. guess you gotta vanish again and figure out a new way to be cool
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LMAO, yes indeed, anyway nigga, Game Album Drop April 20th if it don't get pushed back
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Oh im soooo scared... Please dont ruin my reputation Dninc lmao!! Go ahead and search my name all you want and you will see i comment like once or twice month. You a funny dude Dninc. You take this shit too serious. I'm just fucking with you dawg! Take a chill pill lol!
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neva that

Nigga serious? neva that im just allowing you to be my entertainment and time filler until i get off work early today and i'll be back on lata maybe tho to fuck withcha unless you dick tease again and go back on datpif instead of on here for a min again ;-).. Hope you enjoying it as much as i am.. :-) as far as yo rep, if you wasn't worried about it you wouldn't feel the need to comment so or post about you not posting frequently, i personally could give a fuck, all i did is put it out there for the ignorant, since you lookin for me on datpif, youtube and here i think you have a lil more time on yo hands and be on the net more than you tellin us but imma let yo tell it, it don't take much to make a buncha screenames and whip out ya "cool" name once every couple of weeks lmao.. but do you..
Speakin of chill pill, i had some laced weed friday night i was fuckin Paralyzed and felt like the blood was rollin outta my face, DAMN i aint doin that shit again.!
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LMAO nikka you was fuuukk'd up

I rememba you said you get high with white boyz, imma tell you, be careful with white boys, they be puttin shit in they weed and not tellin nikka's i have some White homeboyz too and i smoked some of that fake weed K2 Shit, it was some of the best K2 out, i felt like i was gone die, i felt like i waz gone just close my eyes and that waz gone be it, got shakes and shit and i only took 2 puffs off that shit, I now ask dem White nikka's to tell me what all in dur before we smoke cuz i ain't goin through that shit again, i was told lata that K2 got some shit thats just like LSD, it's a syntheic lsd.. i be damned.. white boyz almost killed a nikka to get higher. - Reppin H-Town By way of N.O.(K-Ville) -
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You sound like a child man. You think anybody is going to take you serious about a mixtape cover now?? I would'nt. And aint nobody looking for you man. You not that special. I just saw your little comment upthere and i was like "this dude gotta be one of them annoying spammers from Datpiff?"... Oh and i doubt i be here later to play with you since im driving down to Austin later tonight and drop my brother back to school. He's visiting for the weekend from Texas Univerity. We'll meet again soon though....... PEACE! And relax man you so tense lol!
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Could careless..

Why does it concern you about the bitness going on between 2 other people?
I created 10 album covers, i do em because i know how to do em not as a job, i build websites im a graphic designer as well, i just sometime use my skill on lil make-money shit.. but strangely you made it your business..
I bet you one of those annoyin cock blockin nigga's that run ya mouth and say some lame shit to make pussy walk away from nigga's you hang with and nigga's leave yo ass when they wanna holla at bitches lol, yeah that sound like you.. you even look like one of them nikka's lol
but go pick up face and come back when you ready..
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Get it straight...Its the University of Texas
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yea cause we really needed

yea cause we really needed that i can sleep