DJ Holiday & The Empire Present Alley Boy - Definition Of F*ck Sh!t

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01. Alley Boy – Introduction To Definition Of F*ck Shit
02. Alley Boy – 50 Bars Of Poison [Prod. By Arkatech Beatz]
03. Alley Boy – Im Strapped [Prod. By Arkatech Beatz]
04. Alley Boy Feat. Jre Riley – Shiester [Prod. By Slick B]
05. Alley Boy Feat. Princess & Waka Flocka Flame – Rappin & Robbin
06. Alley Boy – We Do This (Interlude)
07. Alley Boy Feat. Big Bank Black – BIG [Prod. By Lil Neal]
08. Alley Boy – Alone [Prod. By Oli Smallz]
09. Alley Boy Feat. Eldorado Red – Play Your Position [Prod. By Lil Neal]
10. Alley Boy – Throw It Up [Prod. By Ensayne Wayne]
11. Alley Boy – Money 2 Da Ceiling [Prod. Emperor Searcy]
12. Alley Boy – Im On Some F*ck Shit (Interlude)
13. Alley Boy – Get To It [Prod. By Arkatech Beatz]
14. Alley Boy – You Dont Know [Prod. By The Colleagues]
15. Alley Boy – Finesse [Prod. By Doughboy Beatz]
16. Alley Boy Feat. Young Dro – Tall [Prod. By JT]
17. Alley Boy Feat. Euro Fresh & Yung Mazi – Play Maker [Prod. By Zaytoven]
18. Alley Boy Feat. Kool Ace – Dont Hate Me
19. Alley Boy Feat. Waka Flocka Flame – Shoot 4 That [Prod. By Lil Neal]
20. Alley Boy Feat. Yung Ralph – Paid Dues
21. Alley Boy – Campaign [Prod. By Lil Neal]
22. Alley Boy – Closing Of Definition Of F*ck Shit
23. Alley Boy – Label It Gutta (Bonus Hood Classic)

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bumpin cover

not downloading tho
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This wasn't good to me I kept about 5 tracks that's it...lmao lil hunter in yo area word! 'Rap is something you do. Hip-Hop is something you live.' -KRS-ONE
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Whatta lame. Clown azz nigga. I mean wigga*
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bbbbbb bitch alert

your a fucking faggot kid and you always will be
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lmao no school

Did you skip school 2day hunter lmao 'Rap is something you do. Hip-Hop is something you live.' -KRS-ONE
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this shit hard

he go hard on this shit
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the definition of fuck shit?

the definition of fuck shit? really? thats the best name he culd have come up with?
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Some of it ..

few tracks on here is pretty decent.. i gotta say the Album cover go harder than this entire mixtape though, but this Alley Kat aint bad, just gotta broaden his production taste, i dunno about some of ya'll but the producers doing trap and zaytoven type beats is gettin a lil redundant, i feel like they just recycling the same shit addin a different whistle or bassline and giving it to the next kat to rap over..
Those beats use to get played in my ride often, now im like.. eh.. i think i heard this before, even if it's a brand new song