The Empire Presents Alley Boy - Definition Of F#ck Sh*t Pt. 2

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01 Alley Boy - Wonderful [Prod. By Carlos Broady]
02 Alley Boy - Bring The Pain (Feat. Eastside Jody & Scalez) [Prod. By Lil Neal]
03 Alley Boy - Fck With Me [Prod. By Big Fruit]
04 Alley Boy - Four (Feat. Young Jeezy & Yo Gotti) [Prod. By Metro Beatz]
05 Alley Boy - Fake Nigga [Prod. By Metro Beatz]
06 Alley Boy - Rappin' & Robbin' Pt. 2 (Feat. Lil Cap & Gangsta Boo)
07 Alley Boy - Word Law (Feat. Veli Sosa) [Prod. By T-Minus]
08 Alley Boy - Candy (Feat. Trae) [Prod. By Beat Fanatic]
09 Alley Boy - I Ain't Cool [Prod. By Zaytoven]
10 Alley Boy - Rob Me A Nigga (Feat. Freddie Gibbs) [Prod. By Big K.R.I.T.]
11 Alley Boy - Tools [Prod. By Metro Beatz]
12 Alley Boy - For Certain [Prod. By Dj Toomp]
13 Alley Boy - Up & Runnin' (Feat. B-Green, Trouble & Scragg Lee) [Prod. By Grade A Muzik]
14 Alley Boy - Anything Else (Feat. Jim Jones) [Prod. By Lil Neal]
15 Alley Boy - Take Something (Feat. Project Pat & V-Slash) [Prod. By Lex Luger]
16 Alley Boy - The Headliner (Feat. Yung Booke) [Prod. By Will A Fool]
17 Alley Boy - Every Time (Feat. Rock City)
18 Alley Boy - Everybody Looking (Feat. Jr Get Money)
1 Alley Boy - Ease The Pain (Feat. Eldorado Red & Bambino Gold) [Prod. By DjSkinny]
20 Alley Boy - When I Die [Prod. By Grade A Muzik]
21 Alley Boy - Outro

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dninc's picture

Few Decent tracks.

Alley Got skill but seems as though he peaked, sound like he gone straight commercial now.. i expected a lot better with all the heavy weights on here, maybe it's too convoluted?
IStillHatePosers's picture

good tape

was pretty impressed with this worth a dl .*Fuck Your Comments*
ThaWhat's picture

Don't Sleep....

& thats exactly what ya'll doin with Alley Boy. If you ask me, MY personal opinion. This needs to be placed on the top of the roster... Even above Wayne... Ooooooooooooo Shit!

Show u right

You aint lyin. People really sleep on the real lyricists. Oughta call'em Cowboys cause they always riding that bandwagon. I listen to North East South & West. People need to stop discriminating, and become true rap fans. Some shit you gotta pay homage to, but other shit just can't be overlooked. Chuch. Crooked Lettaz til the death
KingChandler's picture

Alley Boy's Aight

But I'm only keepin the Gangsta Gibbs track. Alley Boy is very mediocre in my eyes, basic D-Boy content.

Good drop, i looked at the

Good drop, i looked at the comments and check it out, nice...
southerntakeova's picture


dude is a street nigga not a rapper but i fucks wit bruh.. something to bump in the whip or get straight to before u step out. #3,4 smash! $ Growth Development $