DJ Holiday & Yung LA - I Think I Can Sang


01. Intro
02. What's Up (Prod. by K.E.)
03. Party Ft. Young Dro ( Prod. by 706)
04. Baddest Ft. Trey Songs
05. Everday Ft. Bola (Prod. by Nard & B)
06. Lean Talk Pt. 1
07. White Boy Swag (Prod. by Knuckle Head)
08. Frutopia (Prod. by Pac-Man)
09. 5 x 10 (Prod. by Zaytoven)
10. Coolin
11. Lean Talk Pt.2
12. Caught My Daddy (Prod. by Hannibal)
13. Girlfriend (Prod. by Nard & B)
14. I Think I Can Sang
15. Tear the Bed Up
16. Lean Talk Pt.3
17. Leland Gone (Prod. by Knuckle Head)
18. Le Be
19. Everytime You See Me
20. New Shit
21. Lean Talk Outro

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Targeting his audience directly

I took a quick skim over some of these and he seems to be targeting his audience to the Middle school to Highschool drop outs, it's Kid party music.. So it's decent for what it'll be targeted for i guess, even though this dude is 23 years old lol.
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23 ?

23 my ass don't believe that shiyt.
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i like this nigga mane, but

i like this nigga mane, but i think he would be a great rapper if he stopped that whispering flow like shawty lo
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hell yeah,,but he wasent all that low rappin shit on lamborghini leland *COOGI DOWN TO THE SOCKS*

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I bump

yung la, lol j futuristic i bump them all, even travis porter i like this new futuristic flow.
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damn yung la

should spit wit shawty lo