DJ Ill Will, DJ Rockstar & Digital Product Present Ya Boy - Mohawks & Heavy Metal

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1. (00:05:02) Ya Boy - Heavy Metal
2. (00:03:25) Ya Boy - Life I Lead
3. (00:04:46) Ya Boy - Get Up Outta Here
4. (00:02:45) Ya Boy - Rock N Roll
5. (00:03:44) Ya Boy - What U Put That On
6. (00:03:47) Ya Boy - In The Club
7. (00:02:50) Ya Boy - Hat 2 The Side
8. (00:03:17) Ya Boy - You
9. (00:03:18) Ya Boy - Fuck Bitches, Get Money
10. (00:03:24) Ya Boy - Back 2 The Money
11. (00:02:36) Ya Boy - Money
12. (00:01:13) Ya Boy - What The Buisness Is
13. (00:03:35) Ya Boy - Brand New L
14. (00:03:09) Ya Boy - I Love Chronic Ft. Junior Reid
15. (00:04:03) Ya Boy - Black Card Boys
16. (00:04:11) Ya Boy - Killa Kali Ft. Kurupt & Roscoe
17. (00:03:28) Ya Boy - Raised In The Ghetto
18. (00:03:19) Ya Boy - Comeback
19. (00:01:58) Ya Boy - I Got Hoes
20. (00:01:09) Ya Boy - The Shit
21. (00:02:24) Ya Boy - Go Bay
22. (00:03:02) Ya Boy - Murdah
23. (00:03:07) Ya Boy - We Run La Ft. Dr. Hollywood

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WTF iz up yaboy? he went from gangster to rocker?? he has'nt even drop a real album yet and he thinks he Kanye West already .......MAN THIS SHIT IZ WACK!!!

So what's the actual album sound like?

Thanks, Captain Obvious, for explaining all the subtleties to be found on the cover of this particular mixtape. I appreciate you taking time out of your day to point out that Ya Boy is a rocker now. I'm not sure if I'd have made the connection, given the mohawk and the 'Heavy Metal' in the title. Asshole. What do the tracks sound like? Is the production, the lyrical content any good? But regardless of any of that, though this isn't technally a full-length album, it's realer than anything you've dropped to date.
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Quit askin how the album iz and download it! and if you dont like my comment.. 2bad. i really dontcare about you.
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It's different

It's not even good rock but it's different i gave it a listen im not gone bump it but it's refeshing to listen to kats do different things, shows they are diverse and not stuck on straight forward stupidness, so if he want he can shift back into gear and start rappin again and still have Rock (or lack there-of) on his resume' [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]

OOOoOOO shit it's Ya boy!

I've been listening to this guy for a while, Great flow, NOT CONSISTENT enough when it comes to lyrics, but definitely one guy who should be blowing up commercial status. Haven't heard the cd, but glad he's still putting work in, and is CONSISTENT in releasing new material.

same old Ya Boy, not as

same old Ya Boy, not as banging as his past mixtapes but its a decent listen.. AND for the first two fuck boys that posted obviously haven't listened to the CD cause it's not a "rock" album at all.. Even the song "Heavy Metal" Ya Boy is rapping in it.. LISTEN TO THE MIXTAPE BEFORE YOU RESPOND YOU DUMB FUCKS
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Fuck you bitch. anybody who dresses like yaboy iz a fucking fag whiteboy wana be and i dontcare to listen to. so u can take that tape and stuff it up your azz fagget!

thats why no one gives a

thats why no one gives a fuck what you say, you aren't a fuckin hip hop fan so get out of here with your bullshit...
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you do obviously
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Yung Screw 817 wrote:
you do obviously
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Oh im so scare plz dont hurt me =Z! punch your monitor and miss me with that shit.
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ya boy is just riding the trend

he just wants in and he's BEEN grinding so.. i'll give it a listen! besides 'we run la' is my shit! i'm in la trick! Free download!! A mixtape by TalentDisplay... Spread the word, hope you enjoy! MORE FREE MUSIC COMING... Thanks! COPY/PASTE TALENT DISPLAY.NET (Come thru.. check out some good music y'all) TALENT DISPLAY dot NET (Come thru.. check out some good music y'all)
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Why Yall Hatin

WTF are you talking about!! There is no heavy metal on this whole cd. This shit go hard. Ya boy is bout to blow and bring the west coast back. You should definitely download this!
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This has been sitting on my system for a while. I listened to the first few tracks and thought it was alright. I listened to the rest and yea this is a pretty good mixtape from ya boy. theres some nice beats on here and same with the lyrical content. theres some features on here from other west coast artists. its a good tape if you listen to west coast, ya boy, black wall street. obviously people are going to hate on those who are versatile...
feROSHUSs's picture

good shit

before i downloaded it, i thought it was going to be some bullshit but naw he goes pretty hard on this shit, its definitely worth the download