Team Invasion Presents Lil E: New Yorks New Money

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1. Green lantern speaks
2. New yorks new money
3. Got it on smash
4. Roc 2 rochester feat stack bundles
5. Freestyle
6. Do for money
7. Get ya blickas feat jai black,bash
8. Green lantern speaks
9. Team invasion freestyle
10. Street credibility australia freestyle
11. Ragged up feat j hood
12. Heavy metal feat jai black
13. What it do
14. Skit
15. Yung one
16. More money 2 count feat ransom,jai black
17. All of dis cash(sneak peek)
18. Freestyle
19. Fat katt outro

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Thanks Fizz

Word, Was waitin for this to hit here. Thankx dawg
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585. Killer mixtape

585. Killer mixtape
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this my nigga lil e from my

this my nigga lil e from my city twword look out for my dude and dont forget to peep my new tracks on my page and be on the look out for my new mixtapes commin soon