DJ J-Boogie - The Buddy Lee Tour

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1. Intro - Chamber ft Haddy, Kannon, Yung Dae, & King Bunt
2. I Wanna F**k You- Los Lee ft Haddy aka HD
3. Forever (Guap Gang Remix) Los Lee ft Chamber & King Bunt aka BuntBeLike
4. Big Boy Swag - Honesty (Prod By JusKev)
5. Give It A Kiss - Talib ft Los Lee (Prod By Rell)
6. La La La - Haddy aka HD ft Los Lee (Prod By Bug)
7. Poppin Up - Honesty (Prod By Honesty, Bug, JusKev & Tony Bowe)
8. Klik One Guappin - Haddy aka HD (Pord By JusKev)
9. The Muzik - Merk (Prod By JusKev & Bug)
10. Wasted - Honesty
11. Haters Interlude - Los Lee
12. Flava In Ya Ear Remix - Los Lee
13. That Bounce - Haddy aka HD ft Yung Dae (Prod By JusKev)
14. Smooth Transaction - King Bunt aka BuntBeLike (Prod By JusKev)
15. Fresh Home - HD (Prod By Ockie)
16. I Don't Trust Em - Los Lee (Prod By Son Of A Beat)
17. Till Provin Guilty - Merk
18. Protect Mine - Los Lee ft Chamber (Prod By JusKev, L.S., & Tony Bowe)
19. Back Against The Wall - Ruthless & HD (Prod By JusKev)
20. Cold Sweats - BuntBeLike (Prod By JusKev)
21. You Ain't Bout Shit- HD ft Yung Dae & Kannon (Prod By JusKev)
22. Who You Talkin To - Los Lee & Ruthless (Prod By Son Of A Beat)
23. Guap Gang Cypha - HD, Ruthless, Honesty, Kannon, Yung Dae, & Los Lee (Prod
By JusKev, Hyped by L.S.)

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This shit is horrible.

This shit is horrible. Fuckin swag fagets. Yall need to quit that shit. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout


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Just looking at the trac list alone, i'm not d/l-in this. All this I got swag, i got money, i got hoes shit is gettin old. try again. smh --Music Keeps The World Turning--