DJ J-Boogie - The Saga 12 (Hosted By Shamrock)

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01. Intro
02. Shamrock F. Trillville- Slow Down
03. Lo Smooth F. Kia Shine- Hottest Rapper In The World
04. Big Al F. South Ave- Thats The Way
05. Desaint F. Young Harlem- About Mine
06. Shamrock Speaks
07. Shamrock- Its A Wrap
08. French Montana- Imma Star
09. Shamrock- 1995
10. Drake F. Nickelus F- When We Come Around
11. Juelz Santana- Forever Harlem
12. Shamrock Spreaks
13. Shamrock F. B.O.B- Doin It
14. Yz Presents- Nfl Freestyle
15. Shamrock- Entourage
16. Shamrock- You See Me
17. Mike Baggz- Againt The Wall
18. Shamrock Speaks
19. Big Al F. Bang Em Smurf- We All In
20. J Hood- Superman Fly
21. Beanie Sigel- Think Big
22. Q Da Kid- Let Me Show
23. Lupe Fiasco- Freestyle
24. Ransom- Money To Burn
25. Outro

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