DJ Jay-O & DJ Scream Present GB The Flyboi - Fly America 2

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01 Salute Me (Intro)
02 Trill Ft. Bun B & Lonnie Mac
03 Lemme Have Dat
04 City On Lock
05 Be Alrite (Freestyle)
06 Stupid Hot (Freestyle)
07 Put Myself On
08 Diamonds
09 What Is It
10 Shine Like Dis
11 Freak You Ft. Pleasure P
12 Omg Ft. Riddles
13 Groupie Hoes Ft. Miss Bate$
14 Gucci Loui Down
15 Somersault Ft. Yung Tone
16 Gotta Problem
17 Club Goin' Crazy
18 We Outta Here
19 Retarded
20 In My Hand
21 All Nite
22 Birds Get Jealous Ft. Hamp
23 Blow Ya Away
24 Body Talk Ft. Swift
25 See A G Ft. Mj
26 Done It All
27 Paper Ft. Hamp

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WHERE THE FUCK IN MY KUSH AND ORANGE JUICE BITCH???????????????????????????????* Taylor Gang or Head Butt a Knife *
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man eveybody tryin to get in

man eveybody tryin to get in on that flyboy shit. shits annoying...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...

Props to my boy GB.. He's

Props to my boy GB.. He's been GB the flyboy since before we graduated high school in 2004 good to see he's gettin some shine and recognition


ey is it just my shit or does this site not work sometimes?
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Is probably just your shitti out dated equipment "Mr. Big Time Music Producer"..... LMAFO!! ...Or maybe you finally got on mfizzel's nerves too and his trying to cancel your faggot azz! HA-HA-HA-HA!!! ...I still cant believe a guy like you in the "music biz" didnt know who Fabolous was? WTF you live in some cave or some shit?? Hop out your mothers pouch already you kangaroo ridin mothafucca!


i always knew fab was good, but i never knew he stepped his lyrics up like that..


WHERE IS KUSHXORANGEJUICE????????????? shit keeps gettn pushed bak or somthn.. i need somthn to blaze to god damnit!!


any opinions on this shit? anything scream cosigns is usually good whatta yall gotta say about it?


Why is this in dirty south? G.B. from Naptown in the mid west.
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I need somethin to listen too... when somebody gone put some good shit out again?..
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
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yea i agree its nothing to listen to, but i think this may be a good week i hope...mean while i been bumbn that drag-on...mike bigga aka killer mike got a new leak cant wait for his shit to drop so im not gone leak his shit no more last one here....and yea this tape wasnt that good...