DJ Jay Rock Presents Dollaz & Gutta - Black Tees Liquor And Palm Trees


2.)How The Game Goes
3.)Bitch Im Cool Skit
4.)Bitch Im Cool
5.)Im Takin Off
6.)Thats All I Know
7.)My Laundry
8.)Fuck You To Sleep
9.)Real Niggaz Cry
10.)Knock Knock
11.)I Wanna Be With You
12.)All My Life
13.)U Know That
14.)These Niggaz Here
15.)Mr. Weedman
16.)Hi Haters
17.)Log On

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i hope

growth & development... ill d/l this hope its some good...
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hol' up

we dont wana hear what u think of doin or what ur doing. just tell us if is good or not and SHUT THE F UP! steve austin skull biatch --no nutz no glory--
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screw is a bitch boy

growth & development... nigga go suck yo mama tits then go clean yo room lil fag ass nigga d/l it yo damn self bitch!
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ayo screw why you always gotta be runnin them dick suckers of yours for??? You stay arguing wit niggas on here, why? I mean i dont say shit unless somethin is said to me or whatever, but you my man take the shit to anotha level cuz, just keep the shit bout music, you always gotta be tryna spark somethin wit somebody, chill the fuck out my dude seriously, nobody knows NOTHING ABOUT YOU, we dont know what you look like, how big or small you are, shit I dont even know if you white or black LOL, real talk, you could be some little 14 year old pimple face fruitcake tryna be tuff on the internet, I put my life out there for niggas to see, I aint no chump, I hold it down in REAL LIFE homie, i dont need the internet to be tuff, I AM TUFF, but you prolly one of those clowns that get fucked wit and picked on LOL, so you gotta come on here and try to be brolic like you scaring someone haha, you's a fucking clown nigga, keep the shit bout MUSIC and shut da fuck up wit all that silly ass shit you always tryna pull, feel me
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who the fuck you think u iz bruh, the mothafuccin mixtapetorrent director or some shyt?? nigga u think i gives a fucc how u feel?? HAHA! fucc you and your muthafuccin feelings bytch! when you start payin my internet bill then i'll do w/e you want. but for now, U CAN EAT A DICK!! --no nutz no glory--
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Has Potential

hope they keep at it, this is aiight.. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]