DJ JayceeOh, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Revolution, DJ Z-Trip, DJ Vajra, Gaslamp Killer & Mick Boogie - The Super 7 Vol. 5

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1. DJ Jayceeoh
2. DJ Jazzy Jeff
3. DJ Revolution
4. Z-Trip
5. DJ Vajra
6. Gaslamp Killer
7. Mick Boogie

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this right here is real dj

this right here is real dj shit if your a fellow dj listen to this and if not still get this has alot of elements of dj'ing in it its a must cop see what dj'ing is about you might not like all the song selections but get schooled on how shits done by real pros 90% of you dont even kno the line up of dj's on this tape