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DJ Khaled & Flo-Rida - Mr. Birthday Man (Hosted By DJ Khaled)

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1. DJ Khaled - Intro 0:52
2. Flo-Rida - Got It Like That (Prod. By Cool N Dre) 4:01

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G.A.G.E. - C.E.O. Of The East (The Mixtape)(Hosted By DJ Khaled)

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1-DJ Khalid Intro
2-CEO of the East
3-Alot to Prove
4-Back On The Block ft. Akon
5-Not My Homie
6-Grew Up A Screw Up
7-Ready for war
8-Not the same
9-Live4 the streets ft. AB Liva
10-Shots Fired
11-OX Intro
12-Who Wanna War (Murda) ft. OX
13-Times are hard (Remix)
14-Keep A Secret

DJ Khaled & DJ Nasty w/ Oddz.N.Endz - Soul Survivor (Hosted By Young Joc)

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The Oddz.N.Endz production duo of Jay Houston & Nino first landed
on The Unit with their rock/hip-hop mash-up Got The Hood On Mash. If
you enjoyed the creativity and originality of that mixtape, or would call
yourself a remix fan, be sure to grab this one. With all-original remixes/
mash-ups produced with Dirty South/Soul-inspired themes, this mixtape
pairs Jeezy/Curtis Mayfield, T.I./James Brown + Ying Yang/Rick James.

1 - DJ Khaled & DJ Nasty - Intro
2 - T.I., Lil' Scrappy & James Brown - King In A Man's World (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
3 - Young Jeezy, Jay-Z & The Dramatics - Get Up & Go Crazy (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
4 - Yung Joc & Rose Royce - Goin' Down (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
5 - Young Buck & Marvin Gaye - Shorty Wanna Get It On (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
6 - Richard Pryor (Skit)
7 - Ying Yang Twins, Mike Jones & Rick James - Badd Mamma Jamma (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
8 - Trina, Lil' Wayne & Curtis Mayfield - Don't Trip Out (Oddz.N.Endz remix)

DJ Ideal & DJ Khaled - Da Bottom #9 (Hosted By Trick Daddy)

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DJ Ideal and the Slip-N-Slide Records president Trick Daddy aka. the
T-Double-D are representing for their native Miami on this latest edition
of Da Bottom, one of the hottest brands in Southern mixtapes. Joining
the MIA mixtape veteran DJ Khaled for this ride through the 305, this
joint features new Southern sh*t by Lil' Wayne & Rick Ross, Baby &
Yo Gotti, Slim Thug, Scrappy, Pitbull, Jeezy/CTE, T.I., Pimp C/Bun B.

1 - Trick Daddy - Intro
2 - DJ Khaled feat. Trick Daddy, Pitbull & Rick Ross - Born & Raised
3 - Yo Gotti feat. Lil' Wayne & Baby - I Got 'Em
4 - Pimp C feat. Lil' Keke - Knockin Doors Down
5 - Lil' Scrappy - Fuck The Fed's
6 - Lil' Wayne feat. Currency & Rick Ross - Going Down - Freestyle
7 - Slim Thug feat. PJ & Killa Kyleon - What's Happenin - Freestyle
8 - Trick Daddy - Hustlin - Interlude
9 - Rick Ross feat. Young Jeezy & Jay-Z - Hustlin (remix)
10 - Trick Daddy feat. T.I. - Ridin'

DJ Khaled - Rick Ross: M.I. Yayo

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Listennnnn! Listennnn! DJ Khaled teams up with certified hustler Rick Ross to make a little mixtape noise and represent for the 305. DJ Khaled, a member of the Terror Squad/The Beat Novacaine is back with his second major collaboration (see: Lil' Wayne - Suffix) and this time he brings you a little piece of his hometown: Miami. With Rick Ross' single "Hustler's Anthem" getting MAJOR rotation nationwide, this M.I.A. tagteam brings the Hustler's movement full-circle. Miami's #1 celebrity DJ and #1 Hustler tap a nationwide audience with this all-exclusive mixtape packed with new freestyles, tracks and South Beach anthems. With the rumors swirling over where Ross will land his major label debut (it's been said Bad Boy, Atlantic, and Def Jam, among others, are in heated negotations to secure the upcoming rapper), this mixtape comes from his original label affiliation: Slip-N-Slide Records.

1 - Hustlers Anthem (DJ Khaled exclusive)

DJ Khaled - Lil Wayne & Birdman: The Carter #2 Mixtape (Like Father, Like Son)

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Lil' Wayne isn't your average 23-year-old. President of one of the most prestigious record labels in Dirty South hip-hop history, Weezy F. Baby is the only Cash Money Records rapper remaining from the late-90's multi-platinum group The Hot Boys. Rewarded hansomely for his loyalty, Wayne aka. The Birdman Junior has become the protege and bread-and-butter of Cash Money's owner Brian "Baby" Williams aka. The Birdman. Reppin' Cash Money and New Orleans to the fullest, these two Southern legends bless Terror Squad/Beat Novacaine's DJ Khaled with this sequel to the best-selling mixtape of 2005, The Suffix. Featuring all-new tracks, exclusives & freestyles from the Cash Money millionaires, this major motion mixtape includes unreleased joints not found on Weezy's '05 albums Tha Carter + Tha Carter II. Cash Money history in the making alongside Remy Martin, Scarface, Curren$y (Wayne's first artist on his new record label) and others...

Lil Wayne - The Suffix

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1. DJ Khaled Intro
2 . Get 'Em Off Me
3 . You Don't Know Weezy (Spark Up Da Ganja)
4. Diamonds On My Neck (Get Your Nature Up)
5. Damage Is Done
6. Fireman
7. Weezy F. Baby
8. I'm A Motherfuckin' Menace
9. Soul Survivor feat. Mac Maine
10 . New Orleans
11. Blowing Up Fast
12. '93 '94 Baby feat. Baby
13. Suffix
14. Anything
15. Give Head feat. Mac Maine & Currency
16. Money In Da Bank
17. We Da Kings feat. Mac Maine & Currency
18. DJ Khaled Outro

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