G.A.G.E. - C.E.O. Of The East (The Mixtape)(Hosted By DJ Khaled)

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1-DJ Khalid Intro
2-CEO of the East
3-Alot to Prove
4-Back On The Block ft. Akon
5-Not My Homie
6-Grew Up A Screw Up
7-Ready for war
8-Not the same
9-Live4 the streets ft. AB Liva
10-Shots Fired
11-OX Intro
12-Who Wanna War (Murda) ft. OX
13-Times are hard (Remix)
14-Keep A Secret
17-Never 4get Me ft. Akon
18-Things Don't Last
19-Heads Ringin
20-After The Aftermath ft. Game
21-Get out of line (B-Ez) ft. Akon
22-True Stroy
23-GAGE is the Future
24-Welcome To AMPM ft. Brass, Chill, and Chic Raw
25-DJ Khalid Outro

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new music

G.A.G.E reps on this mt real hard i never heard of this dude but im a play this in my deck fo a minute.

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he had a mixtape out b4 from

he had a mixtape out b4 from whookid hes signed 2 aftermath hes a philly cat his last mixtape was sick im sure this one wont dissappiont


hes not signed to aftermath nemore.

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o werd do u know y

o werd do u know y not?
cause he spits that fire


He was tiered of waiting for his cd to come out so he left.

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well thats pretty dumb of

well thats pretty dumb of him cause anything dre does is bound 2 b sick and sell mad copies so he may get out the gates sooner but it prob wont b worth it
but thanks 4 the info

G.A.G.E. is still on

G.A.G.E. is still on Aftermath. Where did u hear he wasn't?

i heard

i read a interview on aftermathmusic.com

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track 20 AFTER THE

track 20 AFTER THE AFTERMATH. anyway, this guy is really good but he wants to get big too quick which will ruin his career. he was better off under dre

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Homie is tough. Dre needs to get him sme exposure if he is still with the camp. Def fealin this shit here. Props to flow god-preciate this one

$$knox tenn fo sho$$

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yea i think hes sick but hes

yea i think hes sick but hes not with aftermath anymore he says a bunch of times in this tape

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This is a hard mixtape from G.A.G.E. money, it's the best he's done to date.
This guy left Aftermath on good terms, and say's he left 'cause he's ready to make money. Much respect from a Mexican fool on the West Coast to a East Cost cat that wants to eat off his own plate.