DJ Klapton - Lil Wayne Vs. Cassidy (The Beast and The Hustla Pt 4)


01. Lil Wayne Ft. Cam'ron - Let the Beat Build (Remix)
02. Cassidy - Paper Chasing (Remix)
03. Lil Wayne,Busta Rhymes,Ludacris - Throw It Up
04. Cassidy - Whats Up
05. Lil Wayne,Kevin Rudolf - Let It Rock!
06. Cassidy - Pullin Out The Pistol
07. Lil Wayne,B.G.,Juvenile,Trey Songs - Ya Heard Me
08. Cassidy - Amnesia
09. Lil Wayne - Brand New (Remix)
10. Cassidy - Did That
11. Lil Wayne - Yeah Bitch (Remix)
12. Cassidy,Statik Selektah,Saigon,Termanology - To The Top
13. Lil Wayne - Do What We Want To
14. Cassidy - Spend It
15. Lil Wayne,Fat Joe,The Game - Ain't Sayin Nuthin (Remix)
16. Cassidy - Enemies Closer
17. Lil Wayne - Freestyle (Crazy!)
18. Cassidy - In One,Out The Other
19. Lil Wayne - Never Get It
20. Cassidy - Let's Get It
21. Lil Wayne - Mask On
22. Cassidy - Lost It All
23. Lil Wayne,Jay-Z - Bye,Bye (Remix)
24. Cassidy,Swizz Beats,Drag-On,Maino,Styles P,Talib Kweli - Stand Up! (R.I.P.Sean Bell)

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Yo lil wayne a nucca n all but realtalk cassidy would murda him in a battle

cassidy murders

cassidy murders motherfuckers lil waynes lyrics are weak


lil wayne = weak, barely considered a rapper


wayne would murda cassidy!!!!! wayne is the beast AND the hustla cuz hes the one goin platinum IN ONE WEEK! yo fuck cassidy, maybe if yall werent idiots you would pick up on all the creative shit wayne says, n actually understand his flow. WAYNE IS THE BEST RAPPER DEAD OR ALIVE.

Look hommie ... please keep

Look hommie ... please keep your comments and your thoughts next to your tampons in your purse! Get off wayne dikk ... that's T-painz shit. wayne will never ever best. prolly the best catcher! but never the best MC. Props to Cassidy! Whabady whabady ... drop it like its hot .... lmao!

damn hommie u a damn fool

damn hommie u a damn fool Lil wayne real shitty all lil wayne fans pull dat goin plat in one week shit out there asses record sales dont make rappers good look at soulja boy he gettin paper but he sucks like hell.Write waynes best line or verse i'm a write cassidy's worst line or verse nd cassidy's shit still gonna be much illa

No contest Cassidy over

No contest Cassidy over Wayne anyday. If you're blown away by Waynes lyrics your IQ must be very low or just simple minded.

Well here's what it is. Both

Well here's what it is. Both Wayne and Cassidy are dumb motherfuckers no matter how much you dislike or like them. Cassidy is a nobody when it comes to mainstream music but Wayne on the other hand is HUGE and every one you talk to knows him and usually likes him. Cassidy is a nasty freestyler and can come up with shit real quick in his head while Wayne has almost no freestyling ability. Just because you say Cassidy can kill Wayne in a freestyle doesn't mean hes a better rapper, it just means he's a good freestyler. That is how Cassidy got known in the rap game just like Wayne got known for dropping loads and loads of songs that appeal to most rap listening people. So instead of telling people "get off Wayne's/Cassidy's Dick, get off your own dick because you think you all have the perfect reason either one is better than the other.


Wayne Got Known For Droppin Alot Of Songs, yeah thats true but come on lets be real how long has he been out for that to be what he's known for?? thats like saying he's a new rapper dude has been around for ever and all his old crap is just disregarded like it never happened if he was real HIP HOP it wouldnt take him 10 yrs of trying to go main stream to be considered a good rapper And Cassidy, how can someone ever bring up the fact that he isnt mainstream?? if 1/4 of the rappers in the mainstream were as good as people think the rap game wouldn't be dead and we wouldnt be hearing gimmick homo music with gay voices and hearing wayne say the same line over over and have people think its revolutionary. its garbage cassidy doesnt need to be mainstream a real rapper doesnt need a gimmick to be hot damn near all good rappers left are underground cuz they arent trying to be commercial they still do it for the love of the art and lets be real radio dont want to hear thet