DJ Knucklez - The Re-Up Vol 12


01 Dave Chappelle - Re-Up Intro
02 2 Pistols F Deca - Purple Smoke
03 Tity Boi F Bun B - Pimps
04 Usher F Ace Hood & Pill - Lil Freak Reup Remix
05 Jody Breeze - Welcome To The Future
06 Reflection Eternal F Bun B - Strangers
07 Brisco F E Class - Rmg
08 Young Jeezy F Esther Dean - Mamma Told Me
09 Bone F Bun B, Rick Ross & The Dream - Homegurl Remix
10 All Star Aka Starlito - I Aint Went Nowhere Freestyle
11 C Ride F Gorilla Zoe - Whats Hood
12 Rick Ross - Fountain Bleu
13 Talib Kweli - Ha Ha Slow Down Freestyle
14 Big Boi Of Outkast - Shutterbug
15 Kid Cudi - Whenever Freestyle
16 Diddy F Rick Ross & Ti - Hello Good Morning Remix
17 Big Hurt F Waka Flocka Flame & Yung C - Out My Mind
18 Gudda Gudda F Lil Wayne - Small Thing To A Giant
19 Pill - Real Muthafuckin Gs Freestyle
20 Cebo Dog - Boom Pap Freestyle

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i dunno bout num.11 but im gonna check this out(cuz of bole's pompoms for that nigga)
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realized why you all took that personal...

i just checked out the link that pissed alot of you off. just so you know thats not what my pic was, which is why i didnt think it was a huge deal. this is what you thought mine was. my pic didnt say the same as the one on that link. mine had the yellow duck sayin "whats up my niggas," not callin them the straight up n word like on that. thats why i was sayin it was clownin on white people tryin to fit in. shit no, if it was the pic from the link above not even my close friends would think that shit was funny. this is the one i had... If the one i had is still offensive to you my bad but as you can see there is a big difference in what i was seeing and what you guys thought i was putting out there...
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You still on that?, i think most people moved on, neither pic shoulda been uploaded, i don't see the purpose of even having them around, it's not funny, clever or gives a message, it's a fuckin yellow duckling and some jet black ducklings with a blerp made by a 10 year old lookin to make a funny in photoshop.. we too grown for that shit here.
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, NOLA to the front of the line *
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4 real

just let it go bruh. I forgive you okay. just dont let it happen again!
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well i saw the other one

well i saw the other one just yesterday for the first time and wanted to make sure yall new thats not the one i had... i aint disrespectful like that!
Handsome Ent.'s picture Handsome Ent
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its lets D/L music

lets D/L music... -I KEEP A BRAIN FREEZE-
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yo bruh

bole420 wrote:
lets D/L music... -I KEEP A BRAIN FREEZE- how the fuck did buddy get your myspace to post ya pics on here lol!
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how you figure

how you figure that was myspace, i dont even own a myspace, or facebook, or twitter page i dont deal with that shit...besides i didnt even look at that lame ass shit he posted, ill leave that up to the gay fags you know... -I KEEP A BRAIN FREEZE-
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dont know

say what happen to talkn about the music? all yall jones talking about gay stuff and starting shit around here. any way this tape is not good load for me.
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Shit you got some music to

Shit you got some music to talk about that came out in the past 2 months???
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4 real aint shit came out 4

4 real aint shit came out 4 a minute except this burrprint 2 burrr

Damn Tity Boi

Tity Bois Song Go Weak His Verse 4/10 (Basically ATL Style Of Rapping Very Monotonic) Bun B (Sounds Like The Same Flow When He Didnt Care About A UGK Song LOL!) Can Anybody Give Me More Information About Other Tracks Besides This One So That I Know If This Shit Goes Hard!