DJ Kool Kid - Monsta Mix Reggae Throwbacks

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1 Shabba Ranks- Roots & Culture
2 Super Cat- Im Not Sure Anymore
3 Shaggy & Ravon -Big Up Big Up
4 Buju Banton- Walk Like A Champion
5 Buju Banton -Love How The Girls Dem Flex
6 Terror Fabolous & Nadine Sutherland- Action
7 Ninja Man- Mission To Kill
8 Louie Culture- Nooo
9 Wayne Marshall & Wayne Wonder- Lovin Excess
10 Admiral Bailey- Jump Up
11 Wayne Wonder & Don Yuth- Sensi Ride
12 Buccaneer- Romeo
13 Flourgon- Big Batty Gal
14 Buju Banton -Driver
15 Elephant Man- Driver
16 Mr Vegas- Gangster Town Taxi
17 Buju Banton- Murderer
18 Nathine Sutherland & Buju Banton- Wicked Dickie
19 Mavado- Dreaming
20 Mavado- Lastnight
21 Shabba Ranks- Ting Ah Ling
22 Outtro

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# 16

i see they got a lil shagy & wayne wonder on this junt..i'll past tho fye ass cover tho.!

they need to bring shit like

they need to bring shit like this bak
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iLL dL... gOTTA hAVE a

iLL dL... gOTTA hAVE a lITTLE rAGGAE iN tHE mIX... iLL dELETE tHO iF iTS jUST a pARTY mASH uP aND i cANT vIBE tO tHE sHIT...