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drake would be awesome if he

drake would be awesome if he didn't sing and stopped making gay r&b songs
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He need to stop singin, Wayne got him doin that shit tho, all the rappers wanted to be come a singer when they heard lil Wayne poutin and heevin over the Auto-tune shit now every rapper think they can sing and rap..
I think it's safe to say Drake makes music for bitches, i fell off this dude's bandwagon a few months ago, im not for all the love songs and being serenaded by nigga's
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You don't know what your talking about bro

Drake came in singing. His first mixtape was RNB. Wayne picked up on the mixtape then put him on. Second. Wayne didn't innovate rappers singing. T-Pain came in rapping and was in a rap group. Then went Auto-Tune singing. LiL Wayne hopped on the bandwagon. You kinda sound like those dudes that think Wayne's the best rapper ever and Soulja Boys the future.
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Judgemental much?

sneakerswagger-com wrote:
You kinda sound like those dudes that think Wayne's the best rapper ever and Soulja Boys the future.
You went from trying to make a point and setting the record straight to being ignorant in one post, you would have had some credibility had you just shut up before you posted some stupid shit like this.. , The whole point of my first post was Nobody cared about singin rappers even though they're were some out there was out until Wayne started poutin over the Autotune, yeah drake been singing but "who cared?" it wasn't popular when he was doing it right? then come Wayne doing it and then Kanye, then i guess everybody started liking Drake singing i don't know dude history so if he was singing before hand nobody cared until after Wayne made that shit famous.
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I hear wut u sayin..

I hear what you tryin to say, but you didn't clarify it and left nigga's thinkin you talkin about Wayne was the start of it all..... glad you decided to come back and clarify yaself, Yeah Wayne turned that shit on to a bigger audience because he a bigger name, and T-Pain had a small audience until he smartened up and started linking with big artist to rap over his shit..... den Wayne picked up dat nigga'z Auto-Tune and started singing and blew both T-Pain and Him up and den otha big game and no-name Rappers wanted to ride the wave. But fuck Drake, he make bitch music for bitches to ride too.
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I kinda thought Kanye West

I kinda thought Kanye West started rappin with the auto-tune first, Heartless was the first song I remember someone rappin with the auto-tune
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T-PAIN worked hard wit Khaled and his voice worked tight with Khaled's genius tracks. Autotune didn't blow T-Pain up. Khaled put T-Pain on the map. Speaking of DJ Khaled, he needs to drop another CD or mix soon, I'm fiendin for a hot song wit T-Pain Khaled and whoever else wants to rap over the track. Wayne for me is hit or miss. "Fireman" is hott for example, than on the other hand he puts out too much weak shit which eventually dilutes the hott songs. 2010 if Young Money blows, Wayne should prolly take a back seat and collect the loot and only put out songs that have been produced with quality. "I'm Ghetto, Timbaland's bubblegum sole!"
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what are you talking about?

Drake came in with his first mixtape singing.. if theres a rapper that can at least try and sing its drake, he got his own style with that singing. Learn ya shit before you go on with your wannabe professional critiques, like you know these artist, how the fuck you gonna say wayne put him on that like you be in they tour bus sucking they dicks or something.. You comment on every damn mixtape, just sit back n chill bra.
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You know we can go on any

You know we can go on any mixtape and say fuck that rapper and that there garbage and every now and then someone will speak up and say were crazy. But if you go on a Wayne or nowdays a Drake tape and say thay there garbage you get 10 dick riding motherfuckers with mouths full of nuts defending these two like there your wifes or something. this pussy Drake is a r & b singer, not a rapper. A rapper should of atleast had to struggle at some point in his life, this motherfucker here has been rich since he was born, private schools and all that shit. How many gangsta rappers do you know that went to private schools?? Wayne did put this motherfucker on, did you know bout Drake before Wayne signed him?? Fuck no you didnt cause you dont live in the suburbs of canada. the whole young money crew was formed for girls and 13 year olds so if your over 15 and on here defending this bitch then your gay as hell, old ass groupies!!
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Talkin about suckin Dick ?

Nostunna05 wrote:
Learn ya shit before you go on with your wannabe professional critiques, like you know these artist, how the fuck you gonna say wayne put him on that like you be in they tour bus sucking they dicks or something.. You comment on every damn mixtape, just sit back n chill bra.
You and a few other faggots in here the only one's know Drake whole life story, Look like Drake been feedin yo ass some serious dick bruh, Wayne Made that Rapper Singing over auto shit "FAMOUS", T-Pain Brought it back out but he mostly an RnB singer, i ain't Say he "STARTED IT".. Nobody cared if drake was Rap-singing before wayne started doing it, thats what im saying, do you not comprehend or you just so ass sour to defend Drake you wanna come post stupid shit.. Stop loggin on to read comments especially if it's gone hurt ya feelings. just download the tapes reading comments aint a requirement, you worryin about the wrong thing, only way you'll know im on every mixtape which im not is if yo life was so worthless you sat on here and clicked on every mixtape to monitor my activity.
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join hip hop website...lets not forget the real problem is drake writes waynes wack ass rhymes. nobody moniters u its just your face is on every mixtape reply . how much they pay your bitch ass?
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Beatin ya dick to nigga's faces?

Why you worrying about nigga's pix on here.. thats a lil suspect, i think you've taken ya fetish a lil too far.. stick to downloadin tapes and less paying attention to Nigga's pix and post, you'll be aiight sweet em's.
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2 thumbs down!!!!


Bitchassness comin out

Screw... you've bitched on every mixtape drake has dropped... If you know you don't like the guy, shut the fuck up and quit worryin about his drops!!! Also... for a hardass g you suuuure do have a lot of free time.... get a job ya poindexter.....
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dontworry bout me dawg.

If i wana shit on Aubrey Graham everytime i see one of his tapes then I WILL. And no matter how much ur pussy aches when you read my comments IM A KEEP ON DOIN IT. So go get you a box of maxis bitch cuz im payin my internet bill not you so im a keep on runnin my mouth til your pussy bleeds..... Now go feed your chickens FARM BOY.

Posing bitch I don't think

Posing bitch I don't think your 9-5 pays you to download torrents all day. Sure are obsessed with a guy you hate. Oh..and how the hell is being a farm boy an insult? Better than being a guy so insecure with himself he feels the need to bitch on every Drake mixtape he sees.

He Aint no rapper

Drake Aint no rapper he just talks on most of his tracks
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hes aight. i actually like

hes aight. i actually like the fact that dude can sing and flow. dude could do rnb if he want and if you got any taste in music you gotta feel rnb a little bit. but dude does try to hard to be his boss. already got all this tho...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...

yeah i like drake and the

yeah i like drake and the fact that he sings. i think it makes u an all around better artist and i think alot of rappers r tryin to become artist not just rappers. plus some of the best rappers have sung on their tracks: eminem, bone thugs, chamillionaire and my fave devin the dude. @screw, man u hate drake but u surr now aloy about him, i mean shit i know bitches that love him and dont even know wuy his real name is but u sure do!
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My lil sister watches Degrassi on mtv. She luvs Drake. From posters to bookbinders she idolize that faggot! She the one that told me his real name was Aubrey Graham.
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chopped&screwed drake

Yung Screw 817 wrote:
My lil sister watches Degrassi on mtv. She luvs Drake. From posters to bookbinders she idolize that faggot! She the one that told me his real name was Aubrey Graham.
growth & development... Nigga hahah u know u love drake so much you hate him drake said niggas gone be saying the cd they cop gone be for they lil sister hahah....drake got a lot of groupie gay dudes pulling on hit coat tail they google him follow him twitter just get drake name tat on your booty cheek cus you love you some drake yung fag!!
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yea nigga i guess u know me by heart since we grew up together huh? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH DAT GOOFY SHIT!!! Dumb azz nigga.You prolly a fan not me. You the one that thinks Lupe goes hard. Skateboard geek!'re not so bright, are're not so bright, are ya?
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how my nutz smell?? yeahh... u like dat dont u? get a taste bitch.

Durh dur Durrrr

point proven
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I like the way u stay on my nutz. I didnt know i had such loyal fans up in here.
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Do you remember when you used to have to have street credit to be a rapper???For example:If you sold shit you didnt have to tell it,other people would or you had the charges to prove it.Or if you shot mutherfuckers,it was on the news,not some 3rd party internet site.If you rapped you weren't from Canada on a nick teen show then a wanna be gangsta later....Oh so long ago. hip hop has been dead for a while I could have shot myself in the fuckin head when em did a track with these fags whats the world coming to???P.S fuck Aubrey and I thought drake was a gay name HA.
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yall are lame drake is a decent artist, he has never even put a cd out and he has lots of hate, congrats to the man for making it in both careers he pursued. to you guys that are mad at him for that im sure it fuels his success. stay lame losers *GODS FAVORITE*


forreal FORREAL????? Chop u lame u wack as hell, heartless was the first cut u heard wit auto tune????? WAYNE been doing that go back to bed son.. as for this mixtape... ALL old shit so its wack but drake kool overrated but kool ,


chop76 R u retarded? U gotta b cuz everything u say is stupid as hell. U gotta come from nothing to rap? no shit? Someone should tell that to the industry then, maybe Kayne will shut the fuck up.....u lame chop
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mfizzel you got another one!

mfizzel you got another one! You can raise your advertising rates if these fuck boys keep signing up just to tell people there wrong.....Lolly Pop might of came out before Love lockdown was the song I meant, but they started at the same time. And hip-hop is suppost to be the voice of a movement and the struggle, if you've never struggled how the fuck can you have a voice in it. This dude is NOT a rapper hes a marketing tool, if you want to give these bitches your money then go ahead but Im not paying just cause it seems to be the thing to do. take a break from MTV and BET for one fuckin day and watch something that actually teaches you something...And thanks for signing up just to tell me Im wrong, Im totally fuckin flattered
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All i know is....turn the L7's up, hit the button on the window and watch the chickens flock! Im not a fan but like Tupac said "Niggas going to buy (download, rip, etc...) what the bitches like. If u riding wit a beyonce wannabe and she asks if u got that drake and you dont have his shit cause you to busy hating! I will get ur bitch (TRUE STORY)!!!!!
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Come on Lame, how many times Wannabe Lover boys gonna wear that same pac quote out?You ARE a damn "L7" if you think women run to your car cause your bumpin Drake, LOL! your more of a flamer then SUBZERO the KKK gangbanger dawg,give me a fuckin break, bitches like MEN not other bitches they probably thought you were their gay friend from school or some shit(TRUE STORY)!!!
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Sure thing RUBIX CUBE!!!! Ever figured one of those shits out....six sides and every side has to be one color (analyze that shit)!