DJ Purfiya & DJ Mami Fresh - The Shakedown (Battle Of The Sexes)

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01 Intro
02 Santalina - Sexiest Girl In The World
03 Beyonce - Single Ladies
04 Kaneri Diamond - I Hate Myself
05 Girls Club - Swagger Like Us
06 La Femme Nikita - Patr≤n
07 Ashanti - Show You
08 Nicki Manaj - Miss Independent (Remix)
09 Shareefa Feat. Lil' Wayne - My Life
10 M.I.A. Feat Jay Z - Boys (Remix)
11 Slim ft C Murder and Gucci Mane U Won(Purfiya Mix)
12 Plies Heard Of Me
13 Young Wine She Can Get It
14 Lil Kee ft Javon Black and Strizzo Im Jookin Rmx
15 DJ Trans and Heavywieghts U Bad
16 Strizzo Burn My Shit(Purfiya Bootleg)
17 Grind Mode ft Trick Daddy Xtacy Floatin Rmx
18 1 Lee ft Plies Actin Like
19 Ludacris ft Lil Wayne Last Of A Dyin Breed
20 Wyl Biz Stacks On Deck
21 Brisco Im Back
22 Frank Lini Out Chea

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- " It is better to die on your feet, than live on your knees. " -Emiliano Zapata


Someone give this nigga Purefiyah an award cuz this lil nigga droppin heat after heat. He my favorite mixtape Dj right now. And i looked up Mami Fresh and her mixtapes bump too. Plus she looks good. Holla!

Hey Mami

Mixtape Is Hot And DJ Mami Fresh Is Hot...I Keep It G Rated