DJ Purfiya And Strizzo - Burn My Sh!t

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1. Intro
2. Bootleg Reloaded ft Javon Black and Lil Kee
3. Put It Down ft C Rena
4. Low Low
5. Drop & Gimme 50 ft FMG & Tampa Tony
6. Strizzo Speaks
7. Birthday Jam
8. Flyy(I Like It Alot) Rmx ft Bubba Sparxx
9. Wuz Up ft Earl B
10. Same Ol Hoez
11. Tell Me Girl
12. Tear It Up Rmx ft Javon black & Lil Kee
13. Come On Over
14. So Fresh
15. Do It Bia
16. White Girls
17. Toot It Up
18. I Rock Rmx ft Lil Kee
19. Lets Ride ft DJ Trans
20. Bowlegged ft Young Trapp & Trick Daddy
21. Lets Dance
22. My Air Jordans
23. Strizzo Speaks
24. Im Jookin Rmx ft Lil Kee & Javon black
25. Let Me Stick
26. Face Down ft DJ Shotgunn
27. Rain Like A Hurricane Rmx ft Young Skee & 2 Pistols
28. Strizzo Outro
29. Jook City Outro

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NO. this is wack. don't DL

NO. this is wack. don't DL


I wonder if the idiots that made this c.d. realized they cropped a windows xp image onto a powermac screen.. just that alone makes me not want to listen to it and from the tracklisting it just reinforces that opinion. Don't waste your time. Crappy production, crappy quality, joke dj's...garbage.

ur a joke

i wonder if any 1 that looks at ur comment realizes that ur a lame for even noticing shit like that.. and they rnt joke djs they r tampa jook city djs.. its worth the dl trust me

yall dont kno shit bout

yall dont kno shit bout 813... this is dat crank shit.. drak all day bitches!!!!!

Again.. dont waste your time...

Dont waste your time just another CD with 29 tracks that you could of burned on your MAX OS X running XP (lol) nice fucking cover... hahaha