DJ Racks & DJ Rah2K - Hands Off My Voicebox (The Tale Of The Autotune)

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01 Auto Tune - B.O.B.
02 T-Pain Intro
03 Pop Champagne Megamix - Ron Browz, Swizz Beats, Ludacris,
04 Barack Campain - Ron Browz, Busta Ryhmes
05 Can't Believe It Megamix - T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Justin Timb
06 Arab Money Megamix - Busta Ryhmes, Ron Browz, T-Pain, Lil
07 Tell Everyone That You Know - Kanye West, Lil Wayne
08 Download - T Pain, Lil Kim
09 Rotate - Nore, Ron Browz, Busta Ryhmes
10 Blown - T Pain, Busta Ryhmes
11 Therapy - Kanye West, T Pain
12 Throw It Back - Lil Wayne, Mack Maine
13 Jumping Out The Window - Ron Browz
14 It Ain't Me - T Pain, T.I., Akon
15 Chopped N Screwed Megamix - T Pain, Ludacris, Bun-B, C-No
16 Give Her The Keys - E-40, T-Pain
17 Digital - T Pain, Tay Dizm
18 Club Hop - Raheem Devaughn, T-Pain
19 Swagger Like Puff - Puff Daddy, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, T
20 One More Drink - Ludacris, T-Pain
21 T-Pain Outro
22 (Bonus Track) Computer Love - Roger & Zapp
23 (Bonus Track) More Bounce 2 The Ounce - Roger & Zapp
24 (Bonus Track) So Ruff So Tuff - Roger & Zapp
25 (Bonus Track) I Want To Be Your Man - Roger & Zapp

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my nigga ice t was wrong

my nigga ice t was wrong about soulja boy. the autotune is what killed hip hop. this shit is wack as fuck and needs to be stopped.

naaaaah maaaaan, your wrong,

naaaaah maaaaan, your wrong, its added summin else to the game. soulja boy is a fag. aint you seen the video, hes sucking some guys dick, no jokes.

Fuck nigga, shut the hell up

Fuck nigga, shut the hell up and learn how to spell. Fuck the Voice Box! I want my hip hop music back!

Fuck autotune and fuck

Fuck autotune and fuck eveyone who uses it. Real talk, i could tell from the start that shit was gay. California Love is one song that i try bumpin all day but with that autotune on the refrain it kills it. T-pain sucks dick! Fuck that faggot, like straight up shit is killin the music. Fuck lil Wayne, fuck Kanye and fuck you if you dwon with that bullshit.
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hahaha...u know what i can't

hahaha...u know what i can't stand is when they double up over their vocals. That shyt is wack. Not RAW!!!! no better than autotune. tune that bullshyt out....especially on Lloyd banks. I can't stand to hear his stacking.

Fuck Autotune Killing Hip Hop!!!! Blame T-pain

Thissssssssssssssssssss Bullshittttttttttttttttttttttttt A U T O T U N E Needssssssssssssssssssss Tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo S T O P

Haha for those hatin' on

Haha for those hatin' on T-Pain, I have ONE word for you................ KARAOKE!! you dont like that, you dont know hip hop and should shut the hell up cause if thats not flo i dunno what is!! oh by the way the booy who knocked off lil wayne, kanye, and tpain. Ya im not too down on Kanye but wheres YOUR boyz i dont see em?!?! all i see is the three you just tried to knock off puttin out track after track, maybe talk to YOUR boys and get them to bring rap back IF they think they can do better cause i still dont hear them !!