DJ Rhude Presents Nas - The Found Tapes


1. Nas - Intro - Nas "I Record A Lot Of Shit" [00:22]
2. Nas - The Rise & Fall (produced by The Trackmasters) [03:49]
3. Nas - Your Mouth Got You In It (produced by Dame Grease)[04:16]
4. Nas - Seeds Of Heaven (produced by Infinite Arkatechz) [03:15]
5. Nas - Street Disciples ft Kool G Rap (Rhudemix) [03:02]
6. Nas - Where Y'all At (Prod by Salaam Remi) [03:56]
7. Nas - Esco Lets Go (What It Is) [03:14]
8. Nas - You Don't Know Me (Prod by Trackmasters) [03:47]
9. Nas - Projects Too Hot ft 50 Cent & Nature (Prod by Chop Diesel)[03:20]
10. Nas - Worst Enemy (Prod by Infinite Arkatechz) [03:24]
11. Nas - The Foulness Freestyles (produced by The Trackmasters)[03:32]
12. Nas - Hope ft Chrisette Michele (Original version)(prod by Wyldfyer)[02:55]
13. Nas - Never Gonna Give It Up ft Product G&B [04:20]
14. Nas - Tales From The Hood (Prod by Gowdy) [03:44]
15. Nas - The Essence ft AZ (unreleased version)(Prod by Chop Diesel)[03:31]

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Im gonna download it

get at me @DamiensOn
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This is pretty good gotta give rhude probs on this one haha The-Hate-U-Gave-Little-Infants-Fucks-Everybody
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long time fan of worst enemy, projects too hot, tales from the hood. This mixtape is a must have. Huge. Nas is Killer
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Can't Miss mixtape for real Hiphop heads

Snatched this one quick.
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