DJ Rob E Rob - Sex Jams Pt 8 (Valentine's Edition)

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2.R Kelly-Exit
3.Jerimiah-Birthday Sex(Rob E Rob Mix)
4.T Pain-Chopped & Screwed(Rob E Rob Mix)
5.Teddy Pendergrass-Turn Off The Lights
6.Robin Thicke-Million Dolla Baby
7.Usher (Interlude)
8.Mary J Blige-Kitchen
9.R Kelly-Echo
10.Your Bodys Calling (Interlude)
11.Charlie Wilson-There Goes My Baby
13.Robin Thicke-Mrs Sexy
14.Do You (Interlude)
15.Stevie Wonder-My Cherie Amor
16.My Cherie Amor (Do You Think About Me Mix)
17.Trey Songz-Does He Do It
18.Stevie Wonder-Hey Love
19.R Kelly-Whole Lotta Kisses
20.The Mack (Interlude)
21.Alicia Keys-Sleeping Wit A Broken Heart
22.Phill Collins- I Can Feel It
23.Usher- Daddys Home
24.Trey Songz,Usher-Invented Sex (Remix)
25.R Kelly-Text Me
26.R Kelly-You Made Me Love You
27.Lenny Williams-Because I Love You
28.Melanie Fiona-It Kills Me
29.S W V (Week Interlude)
30.Mary J Blige,Trey Songz-Hood Love
31.Stevie Wonder-These Three Words
32.Stevie Wonder-Isnt She Lovely
33.Mario (Break Up Interlude)
34.R Kelly-Go Low
35.Mary J Blige-In The Morning
36.R Kelly-Bang The Headboard
37.R Kelly-Religious
38.Robin Thicke-Sex Therapy
39.Tyreese,The Dream,R Kelly-Pregnant
40.K P-Begin Freakin
41.Contact Outro

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if pregnant ever came on wen

if pregnant ever came on wen i was having sex with my girl i wuld feel so awkward i probably wulnt get a hard on for weeks--that song nos how to kill the mood

agreed it's a good song but

agreed it's a good song but it's just the concept of it

watch and learn

Dont know bout yall, but im sure to fuck off the strength of this here mixtape. Damn Im a fuck for sure as long as these cats keep droppin tapes like this.
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You can lay yo head on her

You can lay yo head on her ass and go ta sleep.. real talk nigga