DJ Scoob Doo & Jim Jones - Street Religion (Heron 3:16)

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Exclusive new Jim Jones tape brought to you first by MTT/FIEND!

1. Street Religion Heron 3:16
2. Key To The City
3. Till We Win
4. Frenemies
5. Fucked Up World Feat. Gary Mayfield,Shoota
6. I Heard Feat. Noe,Hard Luck
7. Clack Clack Feat. Akon,Sandman,Young Handsome (Produced By Green Lantern)
8. Man Down Feat. Mel Matrix
9. As The World Turns Feat. Mel Matrix,Sandman
10. Street Hustler Thoughts Feat. Juelz Santana
11. Ny Dreams
12. Bg Brawl Feat. Noe,Sandman
13. Byrd Gang Money Pt.2 Feat. Tl,Sandman
14. Nana Nana Na
15. Bg Ryders Feat. Noe
16. Louie Bag Feat. Chink Santana,Noe,Sen
17. Devil Wants My Soul Feat. Freekey Zekey,Sen
18. Ill Take You There Feat. Noe
19. Blow The Bank Feat. Oshy
20. Blaze Up Feat. Noe
21. Gangstas Don't Cry Feat. Shoota
22. Bad Man Feat. Freekey Zekey,Sen

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With these niggaz "beefin" is what is going to "bring New York back". If they ever needed to be brought back... I'm keepin it all the way 100 I can't wait for all these albums to drop...
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(Heron 3:16) For Jones so

(Heron 3:16) For Jones so hated the world that he gave his one and only verse, that whoever shall bootleg his tapes will forever listen to the same verse over and over.
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Unfortunately I guess him

Unfortunately I guess him being on everything means he will drop an album really soon.