Jim Jones - Pray IV Reign (The Mixtape)


01. Trippin Feat. Laylee 4:44
02. Shorty Feat. Noe & Rell 5:39
03. Religion 5:22
04. Medicine Feat. Noe & Chink Santana 5:36
05. Fast Money Feat. Mel Matrix & Sandman 4:02
06. Uptown Feat. Rell 4:27
07. Precious Feat. Ryan Leslie 4:10
08. My Life Feat. Chink Santana & Noe 5:50
09. Catch Up Feat. Oshy 2:28

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Ok I can dig it...

Not a bad mixtape at all. Not all that loud dj saying b.s but homey doing his thing. Like that Uptown, Shorty, Religion and Medicine is p cool too. there is one lacker ok like "My life and Catch up" is uhh not helping the kush. But a real good CD for real!! To be honest, man I wish they could dead all this beef issh. Cuz not hearing max b hooks and cam and juelz tearing it up with jimmy as capo feeding the dipset doe is really messed up. Missing too much money out here dipset. Get back together if possible. money is only money but good music is a way to leave a msg to the future. Think bout that people. Support the future and raise up.
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different....but cool