DJ Semi And Eminem - White America 2

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01. Road To The Relapse (Intro)
02. Victory
03. Careful What You Wish For *
04. Black & White [feat. 50 Cent]
05. Set It Off [feat. Dr. Dre]
06. No Patience (prod. by DJ Semi)
07. My Darling *
08. Two Glocks
09. Em Prank Calls LL Cool J (Skit)
10. I Don't Care
11. Rap Superstar [feat. The Notorious B.I.G.]
12. F*ck The Industry
13. I'm Having A Relapse
14. Ching Chong Ching
15. Crack A Bottle (Live)
16. The World Is Round [feat. Nas]
17. Just Carry On
18. Day N Nite
19. So Wrong [feat. 50 Cent]
20. Why Wouldn't I [feat. Bizarre]
21. We Made You (Live)
22. Who Want It [feat. Trick Trick]
23. Stand Tall
24. Dear Marshall
25. Ode to Detroit (Spoken Word)

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Fuckk Eminem

Yo, fuck this shit! How could he sell 600.00 first week? BestRapSongs.Net - Luxury Hip-Hop Source
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posted 2 times by mistake

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Igro wrote:
Yo, fuck this shit! How could he sell 600.00 first week? BestRapSongs.Net - Luxury Hip-Hop Source
600,000 is small beans to a rapper of his Caliber, thats why, Artist like Camron, Chamillionare, Gucci, Young La, Soulja boy is small potato's in the Music game, they sell barely 300,000 in a year and they are proud of it and make a big deal about it and so do they lil fan base. Em, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Trick, NAS, Juvi, Luda, Even 50 and P-Diddy should sell about 800,000 to a Million in a week or two whenever they record and drop an album whether you hate them or not thats just the facts, the only excuse should be "BOOTLEGGERS". These artist have their devoted following fan-base that will easily pull them in the 6 Figure Sales, they just need to make sure they satisfy the new crowds and the kids that fell for the Bullshit they been wastin their time with, these rappers have a crowd following that aint never going to go anywhere, the rest are pretty much time fillers until the real artist put some shit out. [-From a: Rare Breed- Educated brutha that still got mad street cred.. N.O. Saint #1 in 09 ]

Fuck Jeezy

Igro wrote:
Yo, fuck this shit! How could he sell 600.00 first week? BestRapSongs.Net - Luxury Hip-Hop Source
he sold 600,000 not 600.00 get the fuck outta here!!!

Is this any good??? .:Javi:.

Is this any good??? .:Javi:.
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Don't get opinions from ignorant Kids here!

Go figure it out ya'self download it, it takes about a min or two to download these. In my Opinion it's good.. But again rely on your own opinion of music.. Almost half the kats here are under 18 and listen to whatever is maintstream, whatever the Popular person in highschool is listening too or their homeboys, they aint grow up yet, thats why we got half the people here listenin to some Lame shit, The Last few Drops here have been the worst drops since this site came into existence and look at how many comments they got. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09 ]
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ahahahaha soooo true

ahahahaha soooo true
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not neccessarily

i personally am geting tired of hearing a middle aged white man rapping about homosexuals and pain killers. his whole "act" is done, he has no shock value left. that was his whole thing, he would be controversal, now he just seems like hes desperate for attention
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DIS IS GOOD (8 OUT OF 10)********
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Its good

I give it a 7/10 could've been better i know Em got it in him never thought i'd see the day when my nigga Nas and Em would make a track hope they collab more in the future they would make a sick duo
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