DJ Sinister Shan & Nicki Minaj - Miss Lewenski Vol 3

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1-Your Love
2-Get Your Money Up Ft. Keri Hilson & Keyshia Cole
3-Nicki Minaj Speaks
4-20 Dollars Ft. Ron Browz,Shawty Lo,Oj Da Juiceman
5-My Chick Is Bad Ft. Ludacris
6-Finale Ft. Young Money
7-Get It All Ft. Sean Garrett
8-Streets Is Watchin Ft. Young Money
9-Roger That Ft. Young Money
10-Supa Hot Ft. Sonny Rich & Jim Jones
11-Pussy Fight Ft. The Game & Ray J
12-Up Out My Face Ft. Mariah Carey
14-Little Freak Ft. Usher

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i am the only one who thinks dis bitch is crazy? but shes fine as fuk
youngyaboy69's picture

she aint

on that song pussy fight, ester dean i think, who it is.

pussy fight

thats how yo know this is a wack ass DJ. cuz its not nikki
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not nicki

youngyaboy69 wrote:
on that song pussy fight, ester dean i think, who it is.
yep, game, ray j, and ester dean. tight ass song!...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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this girl

she getting a little chunky...too much swallowing (lewenski)
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Thick fine

I DO NOT LIKE SKINNY BITCHES!.. Her swoleness is aiight with me. in fact im weary of skinny bitches, thats them bitches that be carryin shit in ya bed lol.. I don't like the big fat one's either, thats too much flesh to get through, but Nikki is definitely at perfect proportion, Nice Grip hips and a Pepsi bottle waist... She just have this crazy swag about her, like she'd throw ya Plasma Through your car window if you fuck over her crazy.
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
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too bad she don't fuck wit

too bad she don't fuck wit dudes


bet she is a freaky lil mama in the bedroom. look at them taties.


Rock my mic, lol !


What's the deal with everyone putting out "new" mixtapes with tracks that have been on other mixtapes for months? I'm tired of hearing the same sh*t!!! If you have no new tracks then dont put out a damn mixtape!!!!!

Volume 2?

I have the first tape and I'm downloading this one, but where's Volume 2? I looked everywhere for it. Then again I'm probably not missing much, most unofficial Nicki tapes are more of the same.