DJ Skee & cARTer - Going Hollywood

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1. Believe In Me (Prod. by Curtis "Monumental" Basham)
2. PBS Hollywood Freestyle
3. What Ya Money Doing (Prod. by Curtis "Monumental" Basham)
4. Elevator Rap Freestyle
5. The Trills (Prod. by Chase N. Cashe)
6. Bayou Classic (feat. Chase N. Cashe)
7. H-Town Chick (Prod. by Chinky P)
8. INDY 100
9. Trophy Girl (feat. Lee Lohn) (Prod. by Droop-E)
10. The Swag (feat. Jay-Ughh)
11. Smoke Something (Hottest On Earth) (Prod. by Curtis "Monumental" Basham)
12. Space City (feat. Carter Canary & Worth) (Prod. by Chinky P)
13. Can't Ya Tell (feat. Terry Kennedy) (Prod. by DRAMA BEATS)
14. UNDERCOVER PIMPIN 2010 (feat. Chase N. Cashe)
15. Hollywood Lights (Prod. by Curtis "Monumental" Basham)
16. Going Hollywood Outro (Prod. by Curtis "Monumental" Basham)

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like the west coast version of Titty Boi. The beats are nice though..... $$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$
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This dude's another one from the South that's in the West but DJ Skee always comes through with the production. It's worth a DL if you like that swag type music $$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$
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this probly old by now, but the cover art is tight You can't walk with the Gods if you haven't crawled with the humans