DJ Skee Presents Jack Splash - Heir To The Throne Vol 1

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01 Charlie Wilson (The Intro)
02 Girl, I Just Met You
03 Baatin (Missin U...)
04 U Don't Know What You're Missin (
05 Little Richard (The Beef)
06 In The Future (Featuring Kelis)
07 Sly Stone (The Throne)
08 Like A Ringtone (Featuring R Kell
09 James Brown (2 Cute 4 Jail)
10 My Dreamgirl (Part 1)
11 Luv Slut
12 Rick James (Nasty With The Bass)
13 Tangerine
14 Lauryn Hill (Ain't Crazy)
15 A Little Mo Love Music (Featuring

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wow, i really love this cd.......... luv love luv

This mixtape is Fireeee

This mixtape is Fireeee
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NoOneNose Ririzzlm is that

NoOneNose Ririzzlm is that why they put it out?

Finally something new!

i love all his songs. hes really an amazing artist! he can pull off any type of music


You're totally right, I love Jack Splash!