DJ Smallz & Homebwoi - The Goodnite Show

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01. Fear Factor Intro feat. DJ Smallz
02. Head Above Water
03. 24s On It
04. Commerical I
05. Magnificent
06. I Do It
07. Gimme A Break
08. In The Rain
09. Ain't Never Comin' Home
10. Sunshine
11. What They Wanna Hear
12. Harder [Produced by DJ Smallz]
13. Super High
14. Umma Do Me Me Too
15. Rollin' feat. B.O.B.
16. Commercial II
17. It's Just Me
18. That's A Good Feelin'
19. Moment Of Silence
20. Sellin' Good feat. Bun B
21. Blood Money
22. Homebwoi Speas
23. The Rising Sun

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Fuck Off

Ya Time Is Up Smallz. Back Down Cuz Ya Mixtape Suck Ass. Your Time Has Passed. These Poor Artists Keep Thinkin Ya Gonna Make Em Big But All U Do Is Rape Them Of Their Money