DJ Smallz And K-Dirt - I Am Heat

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01. Fear Factor Intro Feat Dj Smallz
02. Fear The Future
03. Flippin' Chickens
04. Smilin' Faces
05. Lose My Mind
06. Yellow Stones
07. Get Some
08. Runnin From Nobody
09. Buttafly Doors
10. I Got Cha
11. Put Your Hands In The Air
12. Fo-Fo's And Pumps
13. Get This Dough
14. You Got It, I Need It
15. Grown Man
16. I Am Heat Outro

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Local nigga for me. I'll drop a listen just cause I'll support the rappers here in Seatown. So far the shit on his myspace is pretty decent though. Good lookin

ive never heard of this

ive never heard of this rapper before but this album is fuckkin sick wouldnt be surprised if this blew his status not pass on this acouple hot tracks like flippin chickens, lose my mind, and butterfly doors


Homie is raw. Coldest mixtape i have heard in a hot minute...

Crazy hott.....

Somebody better sign dis nigga real fast like. He's gonna make somebody's label alot of money

Seattle better stand up!!!!!!

Yo smallz where did you find this cat at..Off the hook i luv Lose my mind.


Im lovin this mixtape..Nice good lookin Smallz


I been waiting for this nigga to drop somethang and he came threw..Hardbody

Seattle got hittaz

Dude needs a deal asap. Real niggaz stand up

Raw Gutta

Im rockin with my dawg homie goes hard...