DJ Smallz & Memphis TN Representaz - Make It Happen

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1. (00:02:50) DJ Smallz & KYD - Fear Factor Intro
2. (00:05:13) Yung D - They Don't Like That
3. (00:03:27) Mista Khay - Cocky
4. (00:05:29) KYD - M.E.M.P.H.I.S (Feat. Mahogany)
5. (00:03:34) King Rez - Drop It Low
6. (00:04:48) 8Ball & MJG - Boo (Feat. T.I.)
7. (00:05:02) Sonny Black - Ain't Nobody Str8
8. (00:03:43) Ryz - American Me
9. (00:04:24) Moufpiece - Bad Lil Broad
10. (00:03:51) Miscellaneous - Rite Now
11. (00:05:31) Young Rufus - Bitch I'm Fly (Feat. Young Brink)
12. (00:04:10) Yung Kee - Where They At (Feat. Arab)
13. (00:03:25) Mali - Suppa Cool Crusader
14. (00:04:40) Twi'Lyte - Bran Nu (Feat. Eva)
15. (00:01:25) KYD - Make It Happen Outro

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Nuff Said. Real Niggas - Do Real Shit !
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Nuff Said. Real Niggas - Do Real Shit !
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nice azz

nice azz. damn that alize look good too :) ------MoSt-HaTeD->
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got some fire shit fa real!

got some fire shit fa real!
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This aint the best we have

This aint the best we have to offer but not bad, that boy Yung Kee always goes hard, needs some Dj Squeeky on this bitch
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Must have

This is a must have.. no more need to be said about it. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]

update!!! man fuking #12 is

update!!! man fuking #12 is the hardest shit on this tape imo. shit needs a fukin video cuzzo ;) if u aint got no whip 2 bump this shit uono what im talking bout man this shit been on repeat since last night cuz this fuking beat is nasty.
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You need to check out Yung

You need to check out Yung Kee's shit, "Perfect Timing" and " I'm Fukk'd Up Gimmie Sumpthn" or atleast the song "Problem Wit Me"

ur right cuzzo dude got some

ur right cuzzo dude got some fire shit.
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