DJ Smuv - Fight Beats 5


Check the included nfo for more info on this beats

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Information ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist...............: DJ SMUV Album................: FIGHT BEATZ 5 Year.................: 2010 Genre................: DIRTY SOUTH INSTRUMENTALS Comment..............: / Number of Songs......: 15 Cover(s) Included....: Yes Purchase/Leasing Info: 678 508 2941 / / Graphics.............: DJ SMUV $75 one side / $100 two side designs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 01 DJ SMUV - INTRO 02 RES 71 03 RES 65 04 RES 66 05 RES 67 06 RES 68 07 RES 69 08 DJ SMUV - LEGENDS East Coast Beatz Cd COMING SOON !!! 09 RES 70 10 RES 72 11 RES 73 12 RES 74 13 Res 75 14 DJ SMUV - HOLLISTARZ FUTURISTIC Beat Cd COMING SOON !!! 15 RES 76 16 RES 78 17 RES 79 18 RES 40 19 DJ SMUV OUTRO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DJ SMUV BEATZ FAQ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Downloader: Yo Smuv ,I downloaded (XX) beat cd and Ima kill these beats nigga !Is that kool ? Dj Smuv : Knock yaself out (no pun intended) , you can record as many of these beats as you want ,as long as they are not commercially released and or broadcast on radio anywhere in the world . Downloader : Yo Smuv , These dj smuv tags are annoying and pissing me the fuck off ! How can I get these without your crappy tags all over them ? Dj SMuv : Buy a lease , janky ass mufucka ! Ill send you a clean copy , no tags either thru email or snailmail (real cd) upon receipt of payment . Downloader : Yo Smuv, Can I just get my engineer to remove your bullshit ass tags ? Dj SMuv : Any engineer thats worth shit can cleanly remove 100% of every tag on my beat cds. However , you cannot expect us to build our brands together when you are removing my advertising . So no .wait. Hells Naw . Dont go pulling my tags off, please .Thats my advertising , you see , the more of you lil scamps are out here killin my tracks , the more popular we both get . Downloader: Yo Smuv , this record I/We just did on yo tracks is hot like Dilon ! can you listen to it an tell me what you think ? Dj Smuv: Hellz Yeah Nigga !Send me the mp3 to Downloader : Yo Smuv , I did a song to your beat , and now its BLOWING THE FUCK UP REAL FAST ! I need to get the multitracks and rights cause (radio/label/investor) is ready to (Get Spins/Ringtones/Profit) What do we do ? Dj Smuv : Well , sounds like you need exclusive rights to that beat, supastar . Exclusive purchase gets you the session files and copyrights. My prices are (Call 678 508 2941) negotiable . Major labels give me points on album/single/ringtone sales . Indies .... are negotiable. I never , eva eva , eva eva eva give up my publishing ,so dont ask . Ill Need the BDS #' as well. Downloader : Yo Smuv , I wanna put these records on my mixtape , do i gotta pay you , or what i gotta do to get your blessings ? Dj Smuv : Send Me a few copies , or email me a d/l link so I can admire our hard work , and no you aint gotta pay me to put out a lil ol mixtape . Downloader : Yo Smuv, Im a producer too , and I love yo beats ! What do you use / where your sounds come from/ can you teach me/how you get so fuckin good/etc.? Dj Smuv : Slow ya Roll, hoss ! I aint got time for all that stuff . A. PT, Reason , MPC's and Fruity on occasion . B. Google your sounds/Torrentz ,lazy ass .Look for "soundfonts" "Producer Kits" "soundpacks" C. Youtube has taught me damn near all i needed to know about Reason/FL/PT8/MPC's. D. Study your J Armz Cd's .Steal .Ceate your own lane .Steal Sommore . Learn How To Sample . Steal even more.upgrade your sounds .Steal Need Lessons on how to get the best sound out of the gear you have ? Im $50 an hour and in the Atlanta Metro area, Ill come to you. Downloader : Yo Smuv , I LOve Yo Beats Nigga ! I want some exclusive Dj Smuv beats these other niggas caint download or get online, you do custom beats ? Dj Smuv : Hellz Yeah ! Call me for pricing/rights 678 508 2941 or ; I Got You 4 da low low Homey ! Downloader : Why you put all these cold ass beats out there for free so just any nigga can use em ? I was performing our record at the open mic and another nigga came up and performed his song on the same beat , Ima kill yo ass when I see you Smuv ! Why you let this other nigga on this beat ? Dj Smuv : Look playa , I gotta eat too. These is Fight Beatz ; May the best record win .Im sorry you picked the same beat , but lets keep it 100. Odds are 99.999997 % of you will not get a hit record , so dont trip on the next man tryna do what you doin .This shits not that serious if the radio/labels /managers arent already blowin you up. I aint interested in what fittn to happen in your career .I interested in whats already happenin in your career . Get.Over.Yourself. Downloader : Yo Smuv ,Yo Graphics is hot . Who Does them ? Dj Smuv : I Do . I can do Yours too ; $75 one side ,$100 for 2 sides ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LEASING INFO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *LEASING RIGHTS* You will receive an encoded MP3 file of the untagged song, and/or a copy of the raw WAV file. The song file can be delivered digitally or through the mail on a CD. Leasing rights allow you to use the beat (or song) for *ONE commercial recording or broadcast*. This recording can then be distributed at your price for *up to 2,000 copies*. Selling more than 2,000 copies means you must acquire a new lease or exclusive rights. You may also use the beat for *non-profit promotional use or demos*. You have full rights to record, alter, mix the beat/song in any shape, way, or form (except reselling the beat). In the event that someone buys exclusive rights to the beat you have leased, your rights shall stand and the beat is still yours to use. You may also acquire new leasing rights if you sell more than 2,000 copies since your contract predates exclusive sale. The seller will not receive a royalty from the sale of records or downloads covered under leasing agreements. You must however give full credit to the seller (DJ Smuv Beatz) on all commercial recordings. Upon purchasing leasing rights, the *seller still owns the beat(s) and the seller is able to resell the beat(s)* to any other party until exclusive rights have been purchased. Further Inquiries should call or email Dj Smuv at 678 508 2941 or ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EXCLUSIVE / PURCHASE INFO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Further Inquiries should call or email Dj Smuv at 678 508 2941 or DOWNLOADED @ MIXFIEND.COM / MIXTAPETORRENT.COM


anyway, since when is gucci rockin the gumbi cut?

And so it begins ...

thanks for commenting on the post . On my next fight beats , you wanna design it ? Id be glad to give you a shot .Graphix aint exactly my strong suit , its the beats . So yeah , at least you gave me a headsup on my little mixtape cover faux pas.Ill try an do ma best next time, massah Q !!
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I liked the covers better

I liked the covers better when you used real fighters like Kimbo, puttin Gucci on the front makes me think there Gucci's beats, even though I've been here long enough to know better, I know the covers dont mean shit and you do have straight beats, just alot of people judge books by their cover and your cover says Gucci and Waka when this is your own personal shit you're making

my bad. i was jus talkin

my bad. i was jus talkin shit. didn't mean to offend

you kool

i was talkin shit too . we cool ,q
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Can I Use Some These On my Underground Mixtape?

For Promotional Use Only, Not Profit.
djsmuv wrote:
thanks for commenting on the post . On my next fight beats , you wanna design it ? Id be glad to give you a shot .Graphix aint exactly my strong suit , its the beats . So yeah , at least you gave me a headsup on my little mixtape cover faux pas.Ill try an do ma best next time, massah Q !!
$Tha 1 Hit Killa$

Mixtape Cover Design

Donte Kash Wassup Fam, I record freestyles over your beats all the time. You got some of the best beats I done heard. But I just wanted to let you know..let me know if you need a mixtape cover designed and I'll hook it up for free. I'm working on my design skills right website forward 2 hearing from you.
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i know one thing

you got a snappy fuckin mouth.*Fuck Em All*

thats what yo ol lady said too lol

she dont complain ,\./ mmmmm man really , im jk, no disrespect
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true dat

djsmuv wrote:
she dont complain ,\./ mmmmm man really , im jk, no disrespect
neither does ya mom she tells me that also. im jk, no disrespect.*Fuck Em All*


slappin that chinnie chin chin , while im puffin dis twenny twin twin !!!!
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Who gonna read all this shit? just put that shit in a notepad and send it to MFizzle [ |_-GAYTL CUZ ATL IS THE GAY CAPITOL OF THE SOUTH-_| ]

can someone show me how to format this nfo

for the website comments ?
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on the grind.

you stay on the grind dropping beats like this i may check out see whats up

Gotta Get it in When I Can

Im workin on a new track as i write this . Thanks for the comment . Smuv
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got skillz bro

just showin love if i was computer legit id put my beats out there too. do your thing mane.. big ups
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beats not bad good work homie
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Ririzzlm - Superb part 5
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That nigga gucci looks like shabba ranks hahahahahhahahahahahaha
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Ive been jacking beats from Fight Beats since the first tape dropped. I havent found one yet where I dug every track, but I aint found one yet that I DIDNT find at least 1-2 BANGERS. Thats how I do my beat hunting. Stay up DJ Smuv and company - and hit me up! "Loyalty: if it is true, it covers all the things people long for - love, trust, peace, accountablilty, honor, respect, and grace. If I can have but one thing, may it be loyalty." - Kris Thomas
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Gucci looks like a transvestite lol "I can't save the whole world, I'm just tryin to look after mine"

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hey smuv

why dont you make a tape with some mixing and blending some hot records,i wanna hear your skills on the 1 and 2's

m fizzle only posts

my beat cds.

tight work!

djsmuv wrote:
my beat cds.
tight work homie! stay on the grind and I'll most def be trying to kill these!! - robbyrobmusik

Keep it up

" -The Fly One Has Spoken "
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fiya !!!

Always putting out fire, smuv , my dood i fucks with you