DJ Spinatik & Muzikfene - Street Runnaz 41

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01. DJ Spinatik - Intro
02. Oj Da Juiceman - Gwopp
03. Gucci Mane - Goin In
04. Gorilla Zoe ft. Rich Boy & Gucci Mane - Where It's At
05. Oj Da Juiceman ft. Frenchie - We On
06. Gucci Mane - Hurry
07. Shawty Lo - Crazy
08. Oj Da Juiceman - Keys In The Cabinet
09. Yo Gotti & Young Dro - Loco Wit Da Cake
10. Oj Da Juiceman - Roller Skating
11. Gucci Mane - 20 Gs To Speak
12. Richie Wess ft. 2 Pistols - Boomerang Money
13. Oj Da Juiceman - Burr Beer
14. Waka Flaka Flame ft. La Chat - Im An Illusion
15. Oj Da Juiceman - TrophyWhat It Is
16. DC Yung Hot - Lil Shawty
17. Gucci Mane - Lookie Lookie
18. Jakkpot ft. Yung Dred - Start Out
19. DC Yung Hot - Sugga Cooker
20. Project Pat ft. Oj Da Juiceman - Freaky Hoes
21. Soufboi - Where The Plug At
22. Playaz Circle ft. Young Dro - Dj Know Me
23. Oj Da Juiceman - Money On The Floor
24. Gucci Mane ft. Omarion - Get It In
25. Oj Da Juiceman - Now & Later Swag
26. Oj Da Juiceman ft. Young Dro - Bags
27. Young Dro - Buy U A Round
28. Yo Gotti ft. Mario - Thinkin Of You

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what the fuck does this cover mean oj bout 2 kill gucci

fool ass nigglet

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This dude used to have bangin mixtapes with all sorts of artists on there. In his last like 3-4 tapes it's been straight OJ and Gucci and some Yo Gotti. Call this series something different if all you're going to do is promote 2 artists. This isn't street runnaz to me. This is The OJ and Gucci Show. Two Thumbs Down!

you read my mind!!!!

this nigga is a gucci man, juice man flunky
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Agree with ZenoMehas

Damn wrote exactly what I was thinking. I was always excited about a new Street Runnaz mixtape. I pretty much love anything DJ Spinatik does. But the last 2 specifically I think is what you're referring to. Very dissapointing. Mainly random songs off OJ/Gucci mixtapes with (like you said) the occasional Yo Gotti track. The last really great one was Street Runnaz 38. Of course I am still a huge fan and will continue to support, but I do agree that this doesn't feel like street runnaz to me either.


a yo, u write, looks like da gay ass oj finna kill gucci
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What is this shit??

Im gettin sick of seein the same OJ picture on every mixtape -theFADEDpenguin


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naww shawty YOU the shit!

naww shawty YOU the shit!

then u must got some of that

then u must got some of that shit in your ears
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Yeaah the cover is about right on the money

These nigga's should definitely kill themselves, I remember when StreetRunnaz had beau coup Artist on it and it was a "REAL MIXTAPE"!! , now it's just some nigga promotin his homeboys
Sooo i guess i aint gonna have shit again to bump for the weekend if the latest drops is what we gonna have. damn...
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
Hi-Def's picture

So now everytime dnic see's

A mixtape wit gucci he hatin. Quit hatin nigga. You always got something smart to say for no reason. Like Bun B said bitch niggas cant relate. Tired of all these crab in a barrel ass niggas

you a (dickinthebootyassnigga)!!!!!

nigga dnic rite wats the point of a mixtape but to break new artist!!!! gucci been broke 6 times!!!! this dj just is over kill
dninc's picture

Hi-Def Need a new.

Hi-Def need a New Hobby, seriously, why everytime somebody. (ANYBODY) post something against yo Sickle Cell Victim lookin boyfriend yo ass out here defending him like that nigga need yo lanky lookin ass defending him? THAT NIGGA DON'T WANT YOU AND COULD GIVE A GOT DAMN ABOUT YOU!.
Im talkin about music and yo ass talkin about posters, what the fuck else you got to do in life besides rebut post on a god damn website all day? are you that nigga's Marketing agent or something?, Obviously not if you on a single site dedicated to free bootleg mixtapes downloads like everybody else here..
Save that shit we on here critiquing music based on our Opinion, While Nigga's like you sit on here all day dwelling around the sites waitin for nigga's to post so yo illiterate GUMP lookin asses can take it literally and use ya favorite one liner "QUIT HATIN" Nigga FIND A BIGGER VOCABULARY, if thats all you got then your a lost case and need to kill yaself, continue ya love for this nigga's Nut sack you obviously worship, otherwise you wouldn't sit around wastin ya time protectin his mixtapes. Got Damn Gucci Guardians is what imma call ya retarded fucks, nigga you need to ask somebody, Keep my name off ya mind slow 14 year old fucks.
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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crab in a barrel ass niggas

crab in a barrel ass niggas ahahahahah this is why u was slaves boy
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We need better Music now

Dis shit is bad. i just about threw the fuk up when i seen this shit posted, can we get some GOT DAMN REAL MUZIK ON THIS BITCH PLEEZE!? DAMN.. Poochi and Olay aint been about shit fo a min now, i mean damn we aint got no otha artist to support than the 10 lame latest artist posted? FUk. [ |_-DON'T GET IT FUCKED UP-_| ]
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I don't like to agree with everyone but I have been listenin to this guys stuff, and the onl thing that gets better is production value. Ahh, gotta love capitalism. Whatever, it entertains me, 'cept for the the overused songs. I give it a 2 out f 5.
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the only reason i listen to spinatik new mixtapes is cuz he got a lot new drumma boi beats...drumma boi is the only reason i listen to a lot of the recent atl music...FREE TIP!!!
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Nigga cause u is a bitch and who the fuck still throws up the

deuce u lame fuck. U didnt even comment on this shit.Fuck boy. Fake ass e thug. This shit aint built for you listen to some Taylor Swift cause u probaly never hustled a day in yo life and I dont comment on shit i dont like. Writing a fucking paragraph/novel to try and get back lol.
dninc's picture

dealing with teenie boppers - If your not illiterate read up..

i can obviously see im dealing with a bunch of dick on the lip teenie knuckle head asses that aint yet discover what else is outside their lil Universe which is "BET/MTV/ClearChannel radio/ONE network and whatever the top 20 songs the club Dj's are playing for the week". ...
The only reason ya'll think this "GO HARD", "GO HAM", "STRICKLY FOR THE HOOD", "GANGSTA", is because ya dumb asses is brainwashed to think it is.
Obviously they don't teach The Art of Subliminal Persuasion in school where you at or don't teach it at all since i graduated, some of ya'll nowadays don't even know what to think anymore your letting media dictate to you what you should think eat, listen to, pay attention etc, thats why good or better artist aren't being discovered or being overlooked, back in the day we had a shit load of artist to choose from and most remained proudly underground, now it's maybe 5 nigga's trying to take the mainstream and underground scene at the sametime..
IT DON'T WORK THAT WAY AND NEVER HAS!, WHY IS IT HAPPENIG NOW?... It's called Subliminal art, you see Gucci, Wayne etc on every mixtape, working with multiple artist, being mentioned on every media format, being played constantly in clubs etc, they have all these tracks out they distribute to DJ's and Radio stations to share for free on mixtapes, guess what, weather you like or not, Wayne, Gucci and the rest of them are all Mainstream! Nothing about them is underground, they simply flippin the Underground game because it's grown so big that Mixtapes are no different than turning on your Radio nowadays, where you use to get unheard talent, and a few drops from ya favorite artist of tracks that would be mostly diss songs and controversial tracks is nothing more than Preludes and upcoming commercial tracks... In some cases i don't blame the ignorant here, i blame the DJ's for making nigga's like you stupid as hell but it's up to you to grow the fuck up and go find out what else is out there, that way we can get this shit back to where it use to be when New Talent Splurged out into the Mainstream through these Mixtapes or stayed and prospered in the Underground game.
Niggaz, GET YA ASS OUT AND DISCOVER ALL THE RAW TALENT OUT THERE!, it does exist, i hear them on, myspace media player, and other lil sites like that. And if ya ass intimidated by a bunch of words and feel this lil shit im typing is too many words for you to follow, go tell ya teachers and ya parents "THEY FAILED YOU IN LIFE and then go preceed to the nearest bridge and jump the fuck off so ya ass wont breed and spread more ignorant mothafucka'z.
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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and That'll do it folks.

vaslim703's picture


i been fuckin wit spinz for a min now but lately he been fallin off. i know everybody wanna hear gucci and oj but if u gon make a so icey mixtape at least put da new shit on there. some of deez traxx is from last year. step ya game up homie.
Universaltruth's picture

He just tryin to eat!!

I feel yall the lyrical value is very low and they are totally carried by the beats. Mixtapes should be for the breaking of new artist/music. But ya boy Spinatik is obviously following the "Gucci" train to get a lil bread. I mean if you like Gucci or not he is on top for right now. Ya cant be to hard on the dude...Just my opinion

You have a point

You have a point
SenCity's picture

Not surprised

Its rare that he has really fiya back to back releases of SR. Idk how he gonna come with this old shit when SR40 had alot of new shit. He shud switched tha numbers ^^If U Knew Better U'd Do Better^^
straight krack 412's picture

pure crap

when are people goin to wise up and relize that oj and gucci are has fallen into this black hole of gucci/zaytoven soundin shit and its sad

Very true...

Very true...
GravyBIGMoney's picture

Dont Help Kill The Game...

What the fuck happend to rap? Oj and Gucci are floodin the mixtape game with gay ass chorus's and repeative lines. The only, and i mean only, place these crappers are going to end up is the discount section at the cd store and there mixtapes will forever be forgottin in the dark and grim history of rappers of there kind. When will you people realize that GUCCI and OJ are killin the rap game and the only reason you listen to this bullshit is because you think it will make you cool. I think its fuckin hilarious to watch these fake motherfuckers kill hip hop and to watch you motherfuckers who listen to them die with it. Definitaly on some real shit....
Coast2Coast_Kush's picture

DORF balls (no homo) dumb ole retarted fuk£rs

Lmao @ these haten ass comments dumb ole retarded fuk£rs, cover??? Juice man chopn up all the haters heh heh bout to let la flare lose to eat em up Now for the music content y'all haten a$$ dorf balls don't need music in ya life ya need crack !!! Cuz y'all tryin to get to much out of it WTF I don't post who got the time but y'all need to hear some sh!t to get you out the fog the basics there are diffrent cultures so you gonna have diffrent rap styles east atl zone 6 hood status most ain't college bound so wat so don't look at them to be your college proffesor on the lyrics dorf balls but as far as flavor ain't nutin like some good down south cookin from granny (no homo haters) analoge*** these dudes is more wavy then that Sh!t going down in Indonesia if you get caught up in tryin to listen to the loop tracks dats y'all fault once again go get some Crack not rap I know over half u haten dorf balls ain't gonna understand wat I'm talkin bout I guess that's the problem u got wit these cats like ifni say watch for the chopper and u dorf balls look in the sky lmao n get chopped up by 227's coming at ya ass done dada
GravyBIGMoney's picture

Dorf Balls?

wTF IS DORF ball u fuckin bitch ass faggot ass lamo ass u talkin bout shit like u know shit u half ass hustler wtf "watch for the chopper and u dorf balls look in the sky lmao n get chopped up by 227's coming at ya ass done dada" u aint no fuckin gangster u stupid ignorant homo ass sittin on your computer nigga tryin to find people to brag to like he know some shit..fuck u you fuckin cike...what the fuck u gonna do besides ride gucci's all up in yo ass u fake asss lamo....GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE>>
Coast2Coast_Kush's picture

Dum ole retarded fuk£r

Lmao My Nigga first of it's 2010 ever heard of torrent and a iPhone your cheesburger eatin ass prob not + I ain't never said I was a G but bet ask somebody bout me west of broadway on slauson and dey tell ya dats da homie but this ain't personal dorf ball lmao ya fat fuck lmao come by the aves talkin Dat shit n ya be leavin down the drain wit some hydrocloric ya a joke dorf ball must really hit a nerve lmao you are the epitome of a hater dorf ball hahahahahahajahaajajaj opps date Dat iPhone shit ¥&$•••
sylnc's picture

did he really say that its

did he really say that its 2010? last time i looked a at calender i swear there was still 2 and half months of 2009 left
Coast2Coast_Kush's picture

oh btw it's A 228 shell **

Hard to concentrate when I'm getting head from yo bitch she dunn made a nigga finger slip lmao dorf ball fat fuk
chop76's picture

Thats Yo Gotti in the mask

Thats Yo Gotti in the mask and quit callin OJ "Juice Man" that name already belongs to Juicy J the realest, I dont want one of yall young dumbasses to think Juicy is biting of OJ cause Juicy been in this shit 20 years+!!
memphis_10's picture

damn real!

chop76 wrote:
Thats Yo Gotti in the mask and quit callin OJ "Juice Man" that name already belongs to Juicy J the realest, I dont want one of yall young dumbasses to think Juicy is biting of OJ cause Juicy been in this shit 20 years+!!
Hell yeah mayne deez niggaz bitin that memphis shit, who da fuck is OJ to take juice name from da real juicemane? Juicemane been in dis shit since a yung nigga and I been on it since it started... what dey know bout Mystic Stylez, Club Memphis Underground, etc??? OJ was still a crack baby when 3-6 was makin hits! By da way, I jus found ALL the playa fly shit online... every single album. Hit me up, I'll send u da link. - M Town All Day
chop76's picture

Man Ive always wondered how

Man Ive always wondered how many people outside of memphis know about Playa Fly and Gangsta Black

Im sorry Hip Hop

Why are these two still around?? Theyre no better than soulja boy or those jerkin fucks (amongst who are also killin the game). What happened to REAL music? What happened to shit that actually had SUBSTANCE? Hip Hop has been so good to so many of us, and I personally refuse to assist in its downfall. Fuck this stuff. Bring the real back.
bole420's picture

big ups too....

growth & development... gotti got a movie coming out about his life story in memphis big ups to him....north memphis, south memphis, BHZ, orange mound, frayser, lil chicago, germantown, pussy valley back in the cartoys, the gardens back in the day ten-a-key stand the fuck up
memphis_10's picture

yea yea mane

bole420 wrote:
growth & development... gotti got a movie coming out about his life story in memphis big ups to him....north memphis, south memphis, BHZ, orange mound, frayser, lil chicago, germantown, pussy valley back in the cartoys, the gardens back in the day ten-a-key stand the fuck up
new chicago, smokey city, claiborne home, dixie homes, hyde park, hickory hill, da dirty dova, stand all da way up! oh, i know u didnt forget westwood??? ;) - M Town All Day
chop76's picture

Dixie homes is gone dog,

Dixie homes is gone dog, drive down Poplar they leveled it like they did with Herts Village and there building new condos there, but the Churches Chicken is still there! And yall dont forget my hood Cherokee, Bethel Grove, Orange Mound...but Im out here in the Dova now by Wolfchase Mall
rugga's picture

fuck this shit

trey420's picture

get money stay tru some do but what about you

WOW ARE YOU SERIOUS step yo game up fa real tho this shit is a straight hit
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A NIGGA FROM PARIS... gucci mane is a real trapstarrr!!
HamDizzle's picture

I took a shit this morning,

I took a shit this morning, it was.. how would gucci sayyy...REAL LOUDD! lots of nasty noises and shit..after i pooped i downloaded shit sound better then this..for real..zaytoven bouta put my ass on his beats..litterally..he put erone else on one.. Why Am I Fightin To Live, If Im Just Livin To Fight. Why Am I Tryin To See, When There Aint Nuthin In Sight. Why Am I Tryin To Give, When No One Gives Me A Try. Why Am I Dyin To Live, If Im Just Livin To Die.
chop76's picture

Damn dog I bet you already

Damn dog I bet you already killed yourself before I even read this, R.I.P. Hamdizzle
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dedmosk's picture

fuk gucci

i aint hating but all of gucci's shitt sound tha same..once u listen to 1 of gucci's song u hav heard all of hiz mixtapes n shyt iz gabbage manne!!