DJ Spinatik - Street Runnaz 40 (Hosted By OJ Da Juiceman)

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01. OJ Da Juiceman - Intro
02. Yung Dred ft. Oj Da Juiceman - Street Runnaz Bitch
03. Gucci Mane - How Deez Hoes B
04. Yo Gotti - Jerk
05. Lil Boosie - Clips & Choppers
06. Yo Gotti - 28 Bars
07. Young Dro & Rick Ross - Feddy (Dj Infamous)
08. Oj Da Juiceman ft. Waka Flaka Flame & Wooh Da Kid - Please Wait
09. Young Dose ft. Rick Ross & Fabolous - Where They Do That At (Remix)
10. Yo Gotti - Yams
11. Oj Da Juiceman ft. Killer Mike - In The Kitchen
12. Soufboi ft. Waka Flaka Flame - On My Shit
13. Gucci Mane ft. Doe Boy - Bout My Bread
14. Trick Daddy - I Can Tell
15. Yo Gotti - The Middleman
16. Yo Gotti ft. Gucci Mane, Lil Boosie & Trina - 5 Star Bitch (Remix)
17. Tom G - Problems
18. Young Dro ft. Mike Epps - Ain't You You
19. Yung Dred ft. Richie Wess - Whip Game Tight
20. Gucci Mane ft. Jackie O - Show U How it Go
21. Lil Boosie - Bank Roll
22. Lil Boosie ft. Lil Phat - Top Notch
23. Oj Da Juiceman ft. Shawty Lo - Gimme $20 (Remix)
24. Oj Da Juiceman ft. Rich Kidz - Trap Bunk
25. Richie Wess ft. Young Joe - After 11 Before 7
26. Yo Gotti - Better Believe It
27. Gucci Mane ft. Jagged Edge - Moments In Love

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this dude b stickin with tha

this dude b stickin with tha same 4 niggas


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Haha I would rather listen

Haha I would rather listen to Ryu scream Haduken then OJ's IQ droppin ass. And who is Boosie supposed to be, Balrog?

LOL... I feel you on that. I

LOL... I feel you on that. I think Boosie is suppose to be DJ that Jamaican fighter. I'm gonna download this and check it out. I hope my mind don't go blank do to Oj's chants. ----Trill Talk----
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please kill urself already

please kill urself already

28bars is the only thing

28bars is the only thing thats good on this tape
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street runnaz bitch

shit goes hard. i see u spiinatik. so icey ent takin ova da rap game. yo gotti and boosie on fire right now.
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track 8

track 8 go supahard
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i like the cover...its something different then the same old "cocaine bricks everywhere and lamborghinis in the background" approach


Are u a man?
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worry about urself country
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worry about urself country
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They Some Hoes For Makin That Cova..Lol

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Dont Understand

How the fuck can anyone say anything with OJ Da Fagman is fire? Whoever likes that piece of shit is either a 13 year old kid who doesnt know any better or deaf. Street runnaz fell off hard


I don't get it, I mean, if yall niggas don't like this shit then why the fuck would you leave a comment? I mean really, the only reason why yall download this shit to begin with is simple. YOUR BROKE! I personally download this shit because it's REAL NIGGA SHIT! I'm not a fuckin hater and I get money so this shit is like, my THEME MUSIC. If you been listenin to Street Runnaz BUMP THIS SHIT! It go jus as hard like the rest of'em.
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We aren't hating, we are

We aren't hating, we are just trying to warn people not to listen to Oj and the Gooch, because they will turn out like you.
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I Just took Boosie Tracks &

I just took Boosie Tracks & Track 8 and i solved my problem with not having to listen to the rest, i saved my self the headache and Bitchin and moanin on this blog site about how it feel like somebody stuck a fuckin straw in my skull and sucked every bit of common sense, Logic, knowledge, intellect and IQ straight outta my Cerebral cortex.
OGay, gooch, Whacka, and Yung hoe gone have their lil fanbase, for a min, it's a mix of Young teens and late teens that watch entirely too much Subliminal BET and MTV to find out whats Hot and whatever the Industry machine tell them to listen to and support and follow like brain dead zombies.
They all have a couple of Catchy Songs every now and then and i don't mind em most of the time, sometimes it's aiight but i'd rather something with substance most of the time, i can't take too much of the same o shit over and over talkin about the same shit in rotation with a different beat, i can only listen to teenie Bop wannabe street/drug/money/stunnin/club music so long before im ready to throw my fuckin radio out the fuckin window and thats all they put out.
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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oj garbage

oj garbage smfh..not a good look for atlanta
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when is young jeezy thug

when is young jeezy thug motivation 103 gonna drop ?
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Free Lil Boosie

lil boosie one of the realist in the south ..fucked up he got to do 1 year in prison tho


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Yo Gotti

Dat nigga Yo Gotti iz a beast....
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Yo Gotti

Dat nigga Yo Gotti iz a beast....
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How in tha hell they gunna

How in tha hell they gunna put Boosie Bad Azz on tha same cover wit those aye fuck boyz? That shit don't even feel right. We talking bout a boot nigga putting out bangers n two posers that get no respect from hood niggaz. Just alotta laughs. okayyyyy! WTF! I know it's a mixtape but damn. Gotti got something, but Gucci killing his cred dragging that down syndrome OJ! When he finally wake up, he gone b pissed at his damn self. Q*DOGG H.O.T. B.W.D.