Black Bill Gates & Tity Boi - Me Against The World 2

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01 Tity Boi Feat. Dolla Boy - Not Ya Ordinary [Prod. By Bb Slimm]
02 Tity Boi - Codeine Withdrawal Interlude
03 Tity Boi - Streets Bought Me [Prod. By B Crucial]
04 Tity Boi & Gudda Gudda - Gettin To The Money
05 Tity Boi - Lo Boots [Prod. By M-16]
06 Tity Boi - Turnt Up Freestyle
07 Tity Boi Feat. Lil Wayne - Real As They Come [Prod. By Kanye West]
09 Tity Boi Feat. M Beezy & Trae - Can't Be Broke
10 Tity Boi Feat. Scrappy & Oj Da Juiceman - Wall Money
11 Tity Boi - Billionaire Interlude
12 Tity Boi Feat. Dolla Boy - She Can't Do It [Prod. By Hurt]
13 Tity Boi - My Everythang [Prod. By Bb Slimm]
14 Tity Boi - Go & Get It [Prod. By Mike Will]
15 Tity Boi - Neva Had [Prod. By Kenjo]
16 Tity Boi Feat. Short Dog - Bills To Pay [Prod. By Hurt]
17 Tity Boi - Outro
18 Tity Boi Feat. Cap 1 - So Cold [Prod. By Wonder]

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The only way this guy could

The only way this guy could bite Lil Wayne any more was if he had Birdman's cock in his mouth...I'm not even gonna bother giving this bullshit a chance
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Swagga jacker

Stop biting other niggaz classic album titles too lil nigga!
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And you bitin my dick! Dont let my nutz hang bitch.
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u gay as fuck nigga. this

u gay as fuck nigga. this dowload good though

Hate ??

This Mixtape ridin doe.. yall stop tha hatin or whatever yall wanna call it.. No Offense to anyone just puttin it out in tha air


Lotta of yall niggas dont even listen to the shit, just hate based on what you think of a rapper. I aint gon lie, I slept on playaz circle too at first but if you listen to em the niggas be spitting 85% of the time, go dl that ballin in the drought mixtape
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A Must D/L

Playaz Circle has never failed me, so I know my boi Two Chainz going in on this. Fuck all haters go eat a dick with ya eyes open!. {PHUCKERALL KNIGHT}

Is this shit tight or what

Is this shit tight or what
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this got some good tracks on here luda must see something in the circle...niggas hate and cry like bitches... Tell them hoes lay off the crack and feed they kids. ~BOLE420