Tity Boi - Trap-A-Velli 2 (The Residue)


01 - Tity Boi-Kitchen Prod By Lex Luger
02 - Tity Boi-Get It In Prod By Honorable Cnote
03 - Tity Boi-F Ck The Roof Prod By Lex Luger
04 - Tity Boi-Check Me Out Prod By Drumma Boy
05 - Tity Boi-Up In Smoke Prod By Universal
06 - Tity Boi-Boo Feat Yo Gotti Prod By Drumma Boy
07 - Tity Boi-Issues Feat Young Buck Dolla Prod By Drum
08 - Tity Boi-Tity Boi Swag
09 - Tity Boi-Juug Playaz Circle Prod By Big Hurt
10 - Tity Boi-I Been Hustlin Prod By Drumma Boy
11 - Tity Boi-Doin Me Daily Feat Cap 1 Aka Rozay Rich
12 - Tity Boi-Goin Thru It Prod By Mike Will
13 - Tity Boi-Between Me And U Feat Lil Keke Gudda Gudd
14 - Tity Boi-Hurry Quick Feat Dolla D Hustle M Beezy P
15 - Tity Boi-Outro

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Tity is heavily

underated. Ridin and $mokin `~`~~~======
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thkis iz str8 EASTSIDE OF THkA 110 WE BUSTA KILLAZ........
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tity boi not bad

tity boi not bad he manage to put out a decent tape 7/10
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nothing special

not really feeling this, not bad but one of those you listen to and then forget about it

corny ass tapes lately

nothing much to like ..imma play some madden
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Ill check this out, see what

Ill check this out, see what he on Check my music out too yaw. Get at me wont dissapoint http://www.myspace.com/yaboyjsax http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/JSax/profile/

Man Goes Hard, Underrated

Man Goes Hard, Underrated For Sure


Opionated world brings opinionated thoughts..... Seriously put dis dude in yur archives....
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This nigga got a track call

This nigga got a track call "Tity Boi Swag" not fucking with it. {The Golden State}

LMAO i aint fucking with

LMAO i aint fucking with that shit either, i be damm if im gon say some shit like titty boi swag
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Knock off from that Pretty Boy Swag joint... I still have been yet to be too impressed with this dude so ill wait to DL if it gets good reviews. Then maybe ill give it a chance.
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10 years too late..

I know he been rappin for a min but it's too late for him right now, if he was gone blow up he shoulda pushed his self 10 years ago a lil harder while Ga was in everybody ears, now most of the music out there is starting to grow slowly silent on people's ears because people tired of the same beats, tracks, swag, trap, crunk shit.. the audience has grown up, got educated and started listening to other shit. he missed out... but he's a good local artist..
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THIS SHIT STILL RELEVANT WTF U TALKIN BOUT NIYUUGGA!.. ............... Naw this nigga dumpsta doodoo.. ---Nigga U gay!---

Well said

Well said my nigga, shit ridin to me. +++STOP CUFFIN DEEZE HOEZ AND LET DEM HOEZ CHOOZE, SHIT+++

As much as I hate to say it dnic, ...your right...somewhat

But don't get it twisted. If this the type of music you just can't let go of, then this is what you want. 7/10 nuff'said. Times have indeed changed, but Ga still got the game on lock though. We're more than jus trap and crunk. On the contrary, regardless of whether it was his time or not I don't think Tity really wanted to blow up like that anyway even after Duffle Bag Boy, which was only three years ago. He's jus one of those artist that want to make music and money like Pastor Troy. So fuck the fame cause at the end of the day thats what it's all about, and thats what you gotta respect about this kind of music to enjoy it. " - Money,Pimpin and Politics"

Got my Vote!!!

Pretty Soild!

Tity Boi aka 2 Chains

Man he go hard as fuck!!!! Nice Mixtape
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5 Stars From Me!!!

This nigga is ridin. One the best Mixtapes I've heard in a while. His flow is sick! No wonder Luda signed him. I'll Drink some Conjure to that. Needs a Album soon. ~jM@c