DJ Testarosa & Lil Wayne - Yung Money 4


1. Lil Wayne- I'm not human
2. Lil Wayne- 380 said
3. Lil Wayne ft Electrik Red- So Good remix
4. Lil Wayne ft T Pain- T Wayne
5. Lil Wayne & Huey ft Bobby V- Payow
6. Lil Wayne ft Young Money- Cut like a blender
7. Lil Wayne- So sharp
8. Lil Wayne-Be alright
9. Lil Wayne- I got game
10. Lil Wayne- How can something
11. Lil Wayne- Im Goin In
12. Lil Wayne- Comfort verse
13. Lil Wayne ft Justin Timberlake- Heard something verse
14. Lil Wayne ft Young Money- Lookin for me
15. Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana- Rock Hard
16. Lil Wayne ft Pimp C- Lets talk money
17. Lil Wayne- Soldier
18. Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana- Her Thang
19. Lil Wayne ft MIZ- I Hate that I love you
20. Lil Wayne- Its Been a week
21. Lil Wayne- Maybach music pt2
22. Lil Wayne- Im from the south
23. Lil Wayne- No more

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my face can't be felt copy

my face can't be felt copy cat, dude you basicaly copied that whole mixtape and put a different cover on it. be original Swerv Ent you aint gonna make it like this long kid.

I Can Agree

This does have songs off my face but its a hot mixtape im listening to it know. Its different

Jockin Ass Niggas

This mixtape aint different at all! Except for the fact they put even older shit on here! If u have My Face Cant Be Felt and any other Wayne tapes that came before it then u have this tape! Jockin ass niggas!! Lone $tar Dynasty