DJ Whiteowl , Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - Young Money Empire 5

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1.Lil Wayne - Im Still 1
2.Lil Wayne - Different Girls
3.Lil Wayne & Jim Jones - Swagger From Us (Rmx)
4.Lil Wayne - Freestyle
5.Lil Wayne - Arab Money
6.Lil Wayne - Beat That Pussy
7.Lil Wayne - Im A Killa
8.Lil Wayne - Street Life
9.Lil Wayne - Get Bizzy
10.Lil Wayne - Freestyle
11.Lil Wayne - Shootouts
12.Lil Wayne & Notorious B.I.G - The Lost Boyz
13.Kanye West Ft Lil Wayne - See You In My Nightmares
14.Lil Wayne - No Help
15.Lil Wayne - Dying Breed
16.Lil Wayne - Im The Boss
17.Lil Wayne - Freestyle
18.Juelz Santana - Ho Ho Ho
19.Juelz Santana - Exclusive
20.Juelz Santana - Down
21.Juelz Santana, Fabolous & Jadakiss - Freestyle
22.Juelz Santana - Freestyle
23.Juelz Santana, Ace Hood & T.Pain - Ride (Rmx)
24.Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - I Can't Feel My Face Pt 2
25.Lil Wayne - It's Not Safe
26.Lil Wayne - Cash Money
27.Juelz Santana - Fire
28.Juelz Santana - Freestyle
29.Juelz Santana Ft Skull Gang - Freestyle 2
30.Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana Got My 9 On Me
31.Lil Wayne Ft Junior Reid The King Of The Jungle
32.Juelz Santana - Freestyle
33.Lil Wayne - Forget Me
34.Juelz Santana - Truth
35.Juelz Santana Ft Skull Gang - Aggy
36.Lil Wayne , Juelz Santana -Leanin' Low
37.Juelz Santana - Privlidge
38.Juelz Santana Ft Hell Rell & Jr Wrter - Up In Harlem
39.Lil Wayne - Im So Paid
40.Lil Wayne - Mrs Officer Pt2
41.Lil Wayne , Jim Jones & Freekey Zekey - This Girl
42.Lil Wayne - I Hate You
43.Lil Wayne - So Much Money

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all old shit or worth the

all old shit or worth the dl?



White owl got some kinda

White owl got some kinda fantasy with Wayne. He prob sits outside his studio and stalks him. Afterall wayne do look like a girl.


Mane U Got Some Serious Issues If U Think Lil Wayne Looks Like A Girl.But Then Again No Tellin How Ya Chick Looks

Yo my bad Dj Whiteowl...I

Yo my bad Dj Whiteowl...I didnt expect you to reply on your own mixtape. You do stick up for him though on the real. I wouldnt wanna show you my chic cause you might start puttin her on all your covers and stalkin her. Its nice to see you stick up for lil wayne still cause his crew is all middle school kids. And he need to get off whoopi goldbergs dick and get his own style. You tell him that next time he catch you in his bushes.

nothing new???

nothing new???


damn this shits hard and he blood too SU WHOOPPP STAY ON THAT 5 Homiee

3 stooges for life!!!!

yA boy wrote:
damn this shits hard and he blood too SU WHOOPPP STAY ON THAT 5 Homiee
hootie hooo whoooo whooooo whoooo nyuk nyuk nyuk! 3s4l!!!!!!

Whiteowls fantasy Im a " real " DJ

Ok so can just anyone dowload and upload a mixtape these days. I mean Skee is right these fake ass DJs gotta go.......................

You a Dj

Let me hear one of ya tapes......yo dropz gotta be clownin if you dissin whiteowl