The Wonder Bread Boyz , DJ Rah2K & DJ Racks - Diamonds & Codeine

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1. Lil Wayne Juelz Santana-I Can't Feel My Face
2. Juelz Santana Lil Wayne-Do My Thang
3. Lil Wayne Juelz Santana-Problems
4. Juelz Santana Lil Wayne-Lets Prey
5. Lil Wayne-Pussy Monster
6. Juelz Santana-Splash
7. Lil Wayne-Dream
8. Juelz Santana-Bustin Shots
9. Lil Wayne-This Girl
10. Juelz Santana Lil Wayne-Leanin Low
11. Lil Wayne-Girly Got That
12. Juelz Santana-King Of Nyc
13. Lil Wayne-No Bullshit
14. Juelz Santana-Kick It
15. Lil Wayne-Still Standing
16. Juelz Santana-Pop That Pain
17. Lil Wayne-My Life
18. Juelz Santana-Fly High
19. Lil Wayne-Tonight
20. Juelz Santana-Up In Harlem
21. Lil Wayne-Swag
22. Juelz Santana-Take Over Pt2
23. Lil Wayne-Guess The Name
24. Juelz Santana-Ride
25. Lil Wayne-Yall Aint Ready
26. Juelz Santana-Wonderful
27. Lil Wayne-Turn Off
28. Lil Wayne-Your Smile
29. Lil Wayne Ft. Akon & Young Jeezy-Im So Paid

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yurp this mixtape is the

yurp this mixtape is the best out i cnt feel the face mixtapes n such...+ im the 1st 2 comment so that means yall some slow ass fucks

somebody get this hoe ass

somebody get this hoe ass muthafucka a cookie

No my nukka

No my nukka we aint slow... its that us real mafukas hav lives. and cant be at home like some ppl ( like you ) and b pressin the refresh button all day and night for new mixtapes to come on and comment them wit that first bullshyt

i agree

gotta agree most ppl have lives. not like theres refresh bois.. but how is this mixtape any worth of a dl


santana wreckes every song. were is the wayne and paul wall calabo!!!!!!!

Too slow..

Too slow..

lil wanye is fire

Who the fucks wants to listen to paul wall that nigga need to stick to making grils and yall niggahs some bitches for hating on wayne