DJ Trigga - The Mixtape Hero Pt 6

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01.Up All Night-Drake Feat. Nikki Mi
02.Killers-Young Jeezy Feat. Boo Ros
03.Jakes Story-Styles P
04.Summer Where You Been-Jim Jones
05.Fancy-Drake Feat T.I. & Swizz Bea
06.Chop Em Down-Red Cafe Feat.Rick R
07.I Am The Man-Jadakiss Feat.Uncle
08.Still Much Better-Styles P
09.Somethin To Ride To-Joe Budden
10.Not Afraid-Eminem
11.Thank Me Now-Drake
12.Took From It-Chad B.
13.Rolled Over-78 West Feat. Billy R
14.Mr Invincible-Styles P Feat. Shee
15.They Dont Know-Jadakiss Feat.Chyn
16.China White-Ransom
17.Illin-Young Jeezy Feat. The Clips
18.Wont Back Down-Eminem
19.Pretty Boy Swag (Remix)-Gucci Man
20.Fire Works-Drake Feat. Alicia Key
21.Freakin-Blak Tearz
22.Certified-J Mega

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I download Drakes "Thank Me Later", just to see why I see this dudes face as much as Lil Waynes now, and I really dont get it, I dont get it at all. The shit is so over produced and Big names thrown on it, they couldnt of tried harder to make you like it, but Drake cant sing and raps like a lazy ass tired Wayne impersonator with no passion for anything but being famous, even the guest rappers on it had weak ass versus like they didnt really want to be doing this but the money was good. I dont know, but if this bland ass rap is the future least I still have my old shit. And Big K.R.I.T. signed to Def Jam like 2 days ago so maybe theres hope yet
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...G.F.T.B.(Goons From The Block)5th ward TX Off that Lockwood Dr.
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its not the future brah

no worrys. its just a phrase, like dancing in rainbow color suits were (old hip hop) or wearing gold chains that were roped 6 times (look @ old wu tang pics). its just a phrase... i hope...
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you mean phase

you mean phase

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