DJ E-V And Drake - The Drizzy Effect


01. Drake - Fear
02. Drake - The Winner
03. Drake - Killers (Ft Nipsey Hussle)
04. Drake - My Darlin Baby (Ft Lil Wayne)
05. Drake - Forever (Ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem)
06. Drake - I'm Goin In (Ft Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy)
07. Drake - I Get Paper (Ft. Kevin Cossom)
08. Drake - Money To Blow (Ft. Birdman & Lil Wayne)
09. Drake - I'm Still Fly (Freestyle)
10. Drake - Throw It In The Bag (Ft. Fabolous) (Remix)
11. Drake - Successful (Ft. Trey Songz & Chip Tha Ripper) (Remix)
12. Drake - Slow It Down
13. Drake - The One (Ft. Mary J Blige)
14. Drake - Digital Girl (Ft Jamie Foxx The Dream, Kanye West) (Remix)
15. Drake - Off That (Ft. Jay-Z)
16. Drake - Invented Sex
17. Drake - Stunt On You
18. Drake - Take You Down
19. Drake - Rock N Roll (Ft. Jd Era)
20. Drake - Best I Ever Had (Ft. Swizz Beatz) (Ted Smooth Remix)

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Same old stuff....nice cover though

If you a Drake fan, you have all of these tracks already. haven't heard track 19, but I doubt it's something i would like based off the title alone. if somebody DL's it, let me know.

Tell Me

is that exlusive music or not

old stuff but its a decent

old stuff but its a decent drake mix. you could probably build the whole playlist on your own tho so i wouldnt dl.

I'm not really a fan of

I'm not really a fan of dude, but this and including so far gone have pretty good art on the covers
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im pretty up to date on my

im pretty up to date on my wayne and drake and I had never heard 04 or 19 but everything else is mad old

yo check jd era out on track

yo check jd era out on track 19 him and drizzy and proof canada has some real talent

im new to this website can

im new to this website can any body tell me how to download
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you need to get a

you need to get a downloading program like utorrent or bittorrent or whatever.... i use bittorrent there is a link... then you need to download the torrent file, the link on the page and that should start bittorrent once it opens... click ok or whatever to start bittorrent downloading the files.
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Drake is the most overrated rapper in HISTORY!!!!!Johnny C
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Damn Right!

This shit is straight GAY
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Im getting to the point where this is.

Im gettin to the point where "Overrated should be carved into this dudes forehead"..
Tons of singles out, tons of Tours, Tons of interviews, tons of magazine appearances, Modeling, dating the finest women out there, and dude ain't put out nothing official on any music shelves a Mixtape he turned into an album which is bullshit, He's basically a Colorful, clean cut, more talented lyrical version of Gucci mane fame wise, but at least Gooch got a "Real" album out, it failed but at least he got somethin official out.
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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He's NEVER going to release a "REAL" album. They took his old mixtape tracks and made an album out of it to sell. that's some BULLSHIT LOL.. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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Yeah So?

Quit Hatin..And Yes You Are Hatin..So Shut Tha Fuck Up

shits true though

shits true though


Awsum Artwork, but sadly there aint no new tracks, got all this on my ipod for a long time now, a few new tracks may have made this a good tape, but ima pass on this one.
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When will Niggas

Stop Hatin ?? Slap yourself 1 time if u relate.
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Tracks are all old, But still a nice mix of Drizzy tho, must have if u a fan.. And why everyone hating on the kidd? Cash Money know what the hell they doin, u know how long everyone anticipated C3 and I aint even gon say how well he did.. This homie had a world wide tour off a mixtape people, he still young in the game be patient..
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He's gettin played out real quick

Man i remember when his first album dropped here when he was still underground. He's gettin played out real quick he's gonna tun into another Weezy. Hope he keeps his bars up.
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Haha when was this dude

Haha when was this dude underground?? I guess I just assume underground is being unknown and comin up from nothing but this dude was on a teen show Degrassi: The Next Generation since 01" he already had a teen pop music type fan base when he desided he wanted to rap. Ive tried to give his music a chance a few times but I just cant feel his shit, he has no hunger in his voice like has just rappin for the hell of it.
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I didn't even know this bitch was on a Canadian teeny show thats fuckin hilarious dogg.So he's kinda like Hannah Montana as a rapper HAHAHA.So all you fucks that think this shit is "HARD" dig up the dirt Bitches it aint HATE its Fact
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broad muzik son

this dude got talen but he makes bytch muzik. he getz no play in my deck. $40-0-0-25$
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it's funny you say that... i

it's funny you say that... i put 'so far gone' in my wife's car for her and then a couple months later we were driving somewhere and it came on and she was like "what the fuck is this shit you put on this cd?" "i don't know i figured you might like it" "fuck this r&b shit".. then she flipped it over to 'Emeritus' and said "but this scarface is good"... it made me think of that when i read this, maybe a certain type of broad.
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Your girl didnt like it

Your girl didnt like it cause shes older than 13, my dude called this clown the hip-hop Hannah Montana thats fuckin funny if you really think bout it. Somebody likes him or we wouldnt be seeing him everywhere but he seems out of place with the rest of these mixtapes, or half of yall are saying hes wack and bumpin him on the low
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U kno why everybody on this nigga?? Cuz everybody stupid and he raps 4 stupid muh fuckas!!! haha His style is 4 retards, not ONE of this dudes lines go over yo head... think about it... If he gon b on that "metaphor" rap style he need to come wit sum fire bro

F*@k Da Haters!!!!!!!!!!

Drake's the most talent I've seen or heard in a minute!!!! All u foo's wit ur south sh!t is wats really wack!!!! This dude has ill lyrics & hooks!! plus he sings. Tell me thats not talent!!!!!