DJ Ty Boogie - Blend City #17

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DJ Ty Boogie is the reigning Blends Mixtape DJ of the Year and his
tapes frequently are deemed MixUnit HotPicks. Dude is certified on
the blends tip, in other words. Catch his latest blends/remix mixtape
featuring all-new blends from Busta Rhymes, Kanye West, Cassie,
Bubba Sparxxx, Notorious BIG, T.I., Rick Ross, Yung Joc, Mary J
Blige, Remy Martin, Cam'ron, Lil' Jon, Ghostface, Fabolous & more.

1 - Intro
2 - New York Shit - Busta Rhymes b/w Banned From T.V., 357 & Pull It (Ty Boogie blend)
3 - Why You Wanna - T.I. b/w Your All I Need (Ty Boogie blend)
4 - Touch It Remix - Busta Rhymes b/w Grindin (Ty Boogie blend)
5 - Nasty Boy Remix - Notorious BIG & Jagged Edge b/w Ready, Candy Shop (Ty Boogie blend)
6 - Touch The Sky - Kanye West b/w Donalds Groove (Ty Boogie blend)
7 - .Ms. New Booty - Bubba Sparks b/w Get Low (Ty Boogie blend)
8 - Enough Cryin - Mary J. Blige b/w This Is How We Do, There It Go (Ty Boogie blend)
9 - I Love You - Cheri Dennis b/w Touch It (Ty Boogie blend)
10 - Say I - Christina Millian b/w Lean Back Remix (Ty Boogie blend)
11 - What I Need - Ray J b/w Roc Da Mic (Ty Boogie blend)
12 - Me & You - Cassie b/w Ms New Booty (Ty Boogie blend)
13 - The One You Need - Megan Rochell & Fabolous b/w Conceited (Ty Boogie blend)
14 - Lets Get Away - Kieran & Fabolous b/w Flipside (Ty Boogie blend)
15 - Wont Love You Back - Paula Campbell b/w I Just Wanna Love You (Ty Boogie blend)
16 - Build You Up - 50 Cent b/w So Sick (Ty Boogie blend)
17 - One More Chance - Yummy b/w Make The Music , The Bridge (Ty Boogie blend)
18 - Interlude –Ty Boogie
19 - Back Like That - Ghostface & Ne-Yo b/w Come & Talk 2 Me (Ty Boogie blend)
20 - Gimmie That Remix - Chris Brown & Lil Wayne b/w Its Goin Down (Ty Boogie blend)
21 - Im Bosy - Kelis b/w Snap Ya Finger's (Ty Boogie blend)
22 - Fresh Azimiz - Bow Wow b/w Snap Ya Finger's (Ty Boogie blend)
23 - Its Goin Down - Yung Joc b/w Grillz (Ty Boogie blend)
24 - Snap Ya Finger's - Lil John b/w Touch It Or Not (Ty Boogie blend)
25 - What You Know.... - T.I. b/w Dipset Athem (Ty Boogie blend)
26 - Touch It Or Not - Cam’ron & Lil Wayne b/w Lean Wit It (Ty Boogie blend)
27 - Poppin My Collor - Three Six Mafia b/w Down Bottom (Ty Boogie blend)
28 - Hustlin - Rick Ross b/w Oh Yes (Ty Boogie blend)
29 - Feel So Good - Remy Ma b/w Computer Love (Ty Boogie blend)
30 - DJ Play Another Love Song - Jamie Fox b/w Confessions (Ty Boogie blend)
31 - 4 Minutes - Avant b/w Jigga What Jigga Who (Ty Boogie blend)
32 - Ty Boogie - #1 (Bonus Blend)
33 - Ty Boogie - #2 (Bonus Blend)
34 - Outro / Info

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great blend mixtape. def.

great blend mixtape. def. worth downloading.

dats whats up

def. what i was waitin 4! good looks

Sorry to post with normal type issue :(

WTF?? I get the same error with this one too [choppenemup9.torrent] - Traceback (most recent call last): File "BitTorrent\RawServer.pyo", line 221, in listen_forever File "BitTorrent\Rerequester.pyo", line 231, in add File "BitTorrent\Rerequester.pyo", line 250, in postrequest File "BitTorrent\bencode.pyo", line 72, in bdecode BTFailure: not a valid bencoded string Any ideas???
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use azureus and just wait.

use azureus and just wait.
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Switched acappellas & instrumentals?...I didnt see this coming

Its a coo mix,real radio friendly and different from what i normally hear on here which there is no remixes or switched acappellas & instrumentals all that this has & more...i didnt see this coming
paidthacosttobedaboss's picture

looks nice

looks nice i love my blends. helps me for when i have to dj to come with ideas. safe mfizzel


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! ! ! S E E D Please ! ! !

Sounds good, i love my blends too, but i still havent heard it yet...Im using BitComet. SOMEONE SEED PLEASE!!! Thanks in advance... _.:LIL RA$KAL O.G:._

when there's over 100 seeds,

when there's over 100 seeds, I don't understand how people can ask for seeds
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i got this is just over 10 mins.

i got this is just over 10 mins. use Azureus
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Its Approved

Its Approved


My prayers av been answered, much props, ty boogie is da sickest blender around, although silva-sirfa and clinton sparks got some sick mixtape blends as well. Download dis mixtape blend city 17 by ty boogie, u wont be disappointed, keep the mixtapes coming people, i need da latest clinton sparks mixtape man

dj ty boogie

you need to know dj ty boogie is the best i have been getting his mixtapes 4 a long time now and i've never been let down. so when you see a ty boogie mixtape you better jump on it. MUCH LUV TO TY BOOGIE!!!!this is how you make mixtape anybody can just put different songz on a mixtape but it take's a real dj to really know how to mix...!!!!!
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Straight Garbage!!

every single person here that thinks this CD is good needs to get their head checked. this is horrible just like Blend City 16 was horrible. the only reason i got this is cuz some knucklehead here posted it was good. i thought "...i'll give this wack ass DJ one more chance." he uses O-K beats with some played out tracks and doesn't even come in w/the beat or vocals at the right time. at first you're like "yeah, this beat is aight" ...then he fucks it up some half-assed attempt at blending the two together. this CD is a nice effort. but until this DJ gets more practice, i wouldn't suggest getting any of his joints. Basuda! Straight Garbage!! If you're familiar w/this site, you probably alread have this CD : now THAT mixtape, that's what a Blend CD should be. i'm out.

Ty Boogie is one of the greatest mix dj's right now

Clinton Sparks.....? You have lost it it. Who wants to here him play his name 10 times before a 4 minute mix finishes playing. Ty plays the music and sticks to what he is good at. Silva Surfa does a good job also. That's why he's Silva Surfa "Don't it sound great"