Ty Boogie - Blend City #16

DJ Ty Boogie has taken you to the old school and thrown a crazy party
for y'all recently, but this mixtape brings Ty back to where he excels: the
blends. Breaking this mxitape down with more than 30 blends, this CD is
packed w/ remixes + blends featuring Beyonce & Slim Thug, Pharrell, TI,
Ashanti & Paul Wall, Jamie Foxx, Mary J Blige, Busta Rhymes, 50 Cent.

1 - Intro
2 - Be Without You - Mary J Blige b/w Like You & Grillz (Ty Boogie blend)
3 - Unperdictable - Jamie Foxx b/w Grillz (Ty Boogie blend)
4 - Girl 2nite - Twista & Trey Songs b/w Go DJ (Ty Boogie blend)
5 - Like You - Bow Wow & Ciara b/w Unpredictable (Ty Boogie blend)
6 - Check Up On It - Beyonce & Slim Thug b/w Fireman & I Think They Like Me (Ty Boogie blend)
7 - So Sick - Ne-Yo b/w Juicy & Pimpin (Ty Boogie blend)
8 - Yo (Excuse Me Miss) - Chris Brown b/w Build You Up (Ty Boogie blend)
9 - Still On It - Ashanti & Paul Wall b/w There It Go & Baby Girl (Ty Boogie blend)
10 - Start Talking - Donell Jones & B.I.G b/w Baby Girl (Ty Boogie blend)
11 - Im Sprung - T-Pain b/w Ready (Ty Boogie blend)
12 - I Love You - Ashanti b/w Can U Believe It & Im Sprung (remix) (Ty Boogie blend)
13 - I Want It 2 Be Over - Keisha Cole b/w Play & Clap Back (Ty Boogie blend)
14 - Run It - Chris Brown & Juelz Santana b/w Special Delivery & So Seductive (Ty Boogie blend)
15 - Stay With Me - Ne-Yo & Peedi Crakk b/w This Is How We Do, Conceited & Touch It (Ty Boogie blend)
16 - Touch It - Busta Rhyme b/w Mona Lisa (Party Break) (Ty Boogie blend)
17 - Conceited - Remy Ma b/w Oh No & Put Your Hands Up (Ty Boogie blend)
18 - Can I Have It Like That - Pharrell b/w Bring ‘Em Out (Ty Boogie blend)
19 - Play - David Banner b/w What It Is (Ty Boogie blend)
20 - Pimpin - Tony Yayo b/w Stay With Me (Ty Boogie blend)
21 - Diamonds Are 4 Ever remix - Jay-Z Verse b/w Stay With Me (Ty Boogie blend)
22 - Go Crazy (remix) - Young Jeezy & Jay-Z b/w Banned From T.V. (Ty Boogie blend)
23 - Have A Party - Mobb Deep & 50 Cent b/w Let Me In (Ty Boogie blend)
24 - Window Shopper – 50 Cent b/w Ill Be Around (Ty Boogie blend)
25 - I Know You Dont Love Me - Tony Yayo & Young Buck b/w Tell Me (Ty Boogie blend)
26 - Lighter's Up - Lil Kim b/w So Sick & Yo(Excuse Me Miss) (Ty Boogie blend)
27 - I Gotta Go - Trey Songs b/w Be Your Side (Ty Boogie blend)
28 - Shake It Off (remix) - Mariah Carey & Jay-Z b/w Let Me Hold You (Ty Boogie blend)
29 - Dont Forget About Us (remix) - Mariah Carey, Bone Thugs & Juelz Santana b/w Oh Yes (Ty Boogie blend)
30 - I'm In Love With A Stripper - T-Pain b/w No Problem (Ty Boogie blend)


hella sloooowwwww

hella sloooowwwww
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Blend City #16

this mixtape is really nice. this is G-G-G-G You know what it is nigga!!a blends mixtape with style and grace. really surprised how the beats went with the vocals on some of these. some of my favoritees were "be with you". liked how the beat switched to "grillz" off the chain. "like you" to "unpredicatable". definite one to cop. cant wait for the next ty boogie joint to drop.
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Ty Boogie Get It Done....

He is really becomin' the best that ever done it!