DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 102

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01. Jay-Z & Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Rock (Official Remix)
02. Jadakiss, Styles. P, Sheek Louch, Puff Daddy , Kanye West
& John Legend - Whatever You Want(Official Remix)
03. Styles P & The Clipse - The Raw Is Back (Exclusive)
04. Lil Wayne Ft Tupac - Thatæs What Niggaz Do (Exclusive)
05. Interlude
06. Sheek Louch, Uncle Murda, Grafh & Dj Naim - Hate Is The New Love (Exclusive)
07. Camron - Interlude
08. Camron - Fuck A Freestyle
10. New York Interlude
11. Lloyd Banks Ft Tony Yayo - Thereæs No Escape
12. Sheek Louch & Five - Jackin Beats
13. Raekwon Ft Ghostface, Method Man & U-God (Wu-Tang Clan) 2010
14. Young Chris - Wu Tang Freestyle
15. Havoc - The Warm Up
16. Chinx Drugz (Riot Squad) Compton Freestyle
17. Pokerface - Im In It 2 Win It
18. Shaft Da Bone - That
19. Flert Devious - Freestyle
20. Chinx Drugz - Freestyle
21. Grafh - I Cant Help It
22. Rich Boy Ft Yelawolf - Go Crazy
23. Lil Wayne - Bloodgang
24. Havoc - Im About Mine

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#4 go hard.
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Nice drop. hate it when

Nice drop. hate it when tracks arent already tagged tho.
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white owl wanna re-claim the thrown. he hasn't stopped since the new year started haha
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Take these off...

Tracks to snatch
Track 3
Track 4
Track 13
Throw away the rest unless your a fan of them
I'd try and find all those tracks i listed on other mixtapes so you wont have to listen to White Fowl pussy bump his chops all over the shit while your enjoyin the music..
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LOL@Snatch em

White Owl does get carried away sometimes, but all and all a good effort tho... Rakim speaks on Da Skinny Jeans. Real Talk
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word. white owls gay with

word. white owls gay with all his shouts throughout his tapes. put that shit at the beginning and the end so we can enjoy the music. i quit downloadin his tapes along time ago cus of that shit. i just browse his track list and if theres somethin i dont have i look for it other places...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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why u guys always bitching

why u guys always bitching he don't even do it that much. He does it maybe once or twice in a track. He don't even do it in evry track
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you got your head stuck up whiteowls azz thats why you cant hear it. your boy is annoying.
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yea whateva u say faggot. No

yea whateva u say faggot. No matta what dj u listen 2 dey gunna drop dey name sometimes so deal wit it. Biggy Jiggy, White Owl, J Armz, Drama, Who Kidd, Woggie, Superstar Jay they all do it
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wayne & pac shouldn't be in the same song

don't really care how yall feel, wayne's style doesn't mesh with pac's at all. i mean wayne starts the track at least deso but at the end he starts that lame ass voice crackin that he does. lyrics aint good enough, the hook sucks, at least give pac a verse damn. /end rant anyway the tape is a L for me. the Jay & Snoop is deso, wasn't feelin the clipse song that much tho. betta luck next time white owl...
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Nice Drop

Give It A 8/10 That Styles N Clipse Iz Bananaz
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yo any1 know the real names

yo any1 know the real names 2 trax 7 & 8?
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take that as a no hahaha

take that as a no hahaha
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it's allright

not better than the last few drops tho 7/10
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lil wayne sound like a

lil wayne sound like a straight crack head,should never be in a mix with pac. tapes aight 7/10
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he reminded me of my boy wen

he reminded me of my boy wen hes on those opanas and oc80s with that voice haha