DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 160

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1. (00:00:19) DJ's Better Listen - Intro
2. (00:01:50) D.C. Ft. E.R.A. - The House Party (World Premiere)
3. (00:02:47) Pokerface - If I Had A Million (World Premiere)
4. (00:02:15) L.Black - Funky Child (World Premiere)
5. (00:02:08) Eminem - 50 Ways
6. (00:02:09) 50 Cent - Like Me Rich
7. (00:00:58) Lil Wayne - Live Freestyle
8. (00:02:44) Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & Swizz Beatz - Get Some (New Verses)
9. (00:02:56) Lloyd Banks Ft. Fabolous & Red Cafe - The Realest
10. (00:02:18) Tony Yayo Ft. Starchild - Line Em' Up
11. (00:01:29) Tony Yayo Ft. Lil B - No Hooks
12. (00:02:54) Kanye West Ft. Clipse - Touch It (Do Somethin')
13. (00:03:10) Nas - Anybody
14. (00:02:33) Uncle Murda - Interlude
15. (00:02:16) Uncle Murda - Bad Guy Music (Exclusive)
16. (00:02:31) 50 Cent - Ghetto (Original Version)
17. (00:03:55) Lloyd Banks & Maino - Yes Yes Ya'll
18. (00:02:50) Tony Yayo Ft. Danny Brown - Horrors
19. (00:05:07) Prodigy (Mobb Deep) - First Interview Since Being Home
20. (00:03:09) 50 Cent - Boomerang
21. (00:03:54) Game - R.I.P. Nate Dogg
22. (00:01:39) Pusha T - Speakers
23. (00:02:02) Peedi Crack & Young Chris - Blackout
24. (00:02:13) B.o.B - New York New York
25. (00:02:57) Apathy - East Coast
26. (00:02:09) Haffa - Goodbye
27. (00:02:36) Grafh - How I Do It
28. (00:01:44) Bonus Track
29. (00:03:49) Throwback Of The Week #6

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dninc's picture

All i want to say is..

Bravo for finally not figuring out another clever way to put Lil Wayne on the cover!.

ha ha real talk!

I didnt even know this was a white foul tape at furst just because of that! Im use to seeing a random lil wayne pic on the cover.
IStillHatePosers's picture

dont get to happy

he put his other man crush on here...eminem. *Fuck Your Comments*

Yeah, but Eminem is actually

Yeah, but Eminem is actually good. 313 Motha Fucka
2000mil's picture

Yo "white foul", that is the greatest

Screw_ wrote:
I didnt even know this was a white foul tape at furst just because of that! Im use to seeing a random lil wayne pic on the cover.
Man that is so clever , insightful and funny. i get it owl = foul. OMG, and it rhymes. You should not underestimate yourself cause you have some serious skills Mr screw_ . Hey, you should drop a mixtape, and then get signed.. yay ...Whatever you do Screw_ do not hold back your exceptional talent from the world because we need more of what you've got... owl = foul ( not fowl mind you ) . pure genius Mr Screw, i commend you. keep up the good work.




Pretty clever aint I? Yep, I amaze myself sometimes too. lol

wheres tonys song

Hey I thought Tony Montana had song on this tape you know that hit single say hello to my lil friend. The beat is ill on that one rat tat tat tat
IStillHatePosers's picture


greatest comment ever. tony montana has absolutly nothing to do with this cd yet he made the cover. *Fuck Your Comments*