DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 57

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01. Lil Wayne Ft Drake, Truth & Dj Capcom - Im Goin In
02. Lil Wayne & Jadakiss - Magic City Pt 2 (Exclusive)
03. Jadakiss Ft Styles P & Sheek - Get My Paper (Exclusive)
04. Styles P , Sheek , Uncle Murda, Red Cafe, Busta Rhymes, M.O.P Maino, O.D.B
Canibus - Greatest Of All Time
05. Jim Jones, Akon - Click Clack
06. Jim Jones Ft M.I.A -Certified
07. Jim Jones - I Never Spoke To Camron (Dissin Cam ??)
08. Jadakiss, Jim Jones, Busta Rhymes & Raekwon- Freestyle
09. Busta Rhymes Ft Uncle Murda & Raekwon - Stick Up
10. Lloyd Banks - 24s
11. Capone & Nore- Grand Royal
12. Nas - I Ruled The World 2k9
13. Max B & Wiz Khalifa - Lookinæ
14. Max B - Freestyle
15. Rick Ross -Freestyle (Dissin 50)
16. Joe Budden Ft Joell Ortiz, Royce The 5’9 - Fight Club
17. Busta Rhymes & Jay Rock Beat A Rapper Down
18. Jadakiss, Styles P & Sheek - Hot Pockets & Herojuana
19. Peedi Crack - Lets Go
20. Cory Gunz , Mysonne & Rello - This Is How We Play
21. Krs-1 - What If
22. Nipsey Hussle - Freeestyle
23. Mazaradi Fox - Freestyle
24. 5 Points Gang - Symphony
25. Cassidy - Freestyle
26. Rick Ross, Birdman & Busta Rhymes - Shine
27. Busta Rhymes & Raekwon - Gve It 2 Me Right (Remix)
28. Camron - Apoligies
29. Tom Gist - Dear Camron
30. Uncle Murda, Spider Loc & Freeway - Heaven Sent
31. Lil Wayne - Fashion Police
32. Lil Wayne - Freestyle
33. Lil Wayne - Exclusive

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uh oh! this 1 step ahead of

uh oh! this 1 step ahead of BJ.....decent mixtape from white towel!

wats wrong with #10

lloyd banks did not sing dat #10
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reppin701 wrote:
TAPE #71 YOU WEAK ASS NIGGAS GET YOUR SHIT STRAIGHT[/quote this guy above must not like d-block LMAO, mad d-block and other NY rapper EXCLUSIVES, only shit wiggy jig had on vol. 71 is the lil wayne shit and some of the r&b shit off whiteowls r&b tape LOL, true story, say im lying! whiteowl will always be king of NY mixtapes "You A Internet Chatroom Thug.... Thinkin You A Wolf But Ya Heart Pumpin Racoon Blood"

Exclusives?! Naaa

Actually could got most these singles off White Owl and Biggy both suck as so called DJ's all they do is throw a playlist together "brand it" do lil quick graphic design cover upload ta da "mixtape" So easy a caveman could do it! Regardless if you prefer your music that way do you, I get sick of hearing either of their names. Funny how easy it is to be a so called "DJ" anymore.
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Not bad

Pretty good Compilation, remove Exclusive off the tracks though, that shit was released on other Mixtapes 2 weeks ago.

um my d/l didnt have track

um my d/l didnt have track 18. Hot Pockets & Herojuana by the WARLOX whatsup w that whiteowl or whoever whatever u are. Instead it had Officer Ricky's dumass freestyle Do we need five tracks of that hack weezy? Keep him on R&B & Lolli-hop with his Faggety ways. Shouts to the WU. Shouts to Papoose. Shouts to MF DOOM & i think 56 was better than this. THe Camron tracks was hotter (I Used To Get It In Ohio). The Cass track was more fire than this one. The Jimmy&Cam beef was interesting cuz i really dont know which ones lying but i think Jimmys lying. The KRS What If track is good. Maybe if i had track 18 itd be better.