DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That (Down South Edition)

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01. Intro
02. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross - Its Incredible
03. Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana - Homerun
05. Brisco - Waka Blocka
(Dissin Wacka Flack & Gucci Mane )
08. Snoop Dogg Ft Jay-Z & Ludacris -
I Wanna Rock (Remix)
09. Yo Gotti - Freestyle
10. Young Dro & Yung L.A - Everywhere
11. Ron Browz, Shawty Lo, Nicki Minaj,
Oj Da Juiceman & Mase - Gimme $20
(Official Remix)
13. Lil Wayne - Im Raw (Full Song)
14. Interlude
15. Lil Wayne Ft Tupac - Thats What
Niggaz Do
16. Lil Boosie - My Brothers Keeper
17. 3-6 Mafia Ft 8ball & Mjg - Unite
18. Interlude
19. Rick Ross - Exclusive
21. U.S.D.A - Firecracker
22. Snoop Dogg - Connected Everywhere
23. Lil Wayne & Pharell - Smackdown
24. Commercial
25. Nicki Minaj - Wantin Your Love
26. Nicki Minaj - Outro

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Thanks for the up jada. Its

Thanks for the up jada. Its good to see the site doin better. A lot more arguing on here then i remember back in 04/05 though.
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A let down

this shits already out whiteowl you dumb bitch.. AND thats minus 5 cause snoop aint from the south.©«¤ÂqµaLµng¤»
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aside from 3 songs on this list id say this mixtape makes the south look pretty bad
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C'mon Whiteowl Biggy Jiggy Does it!
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whiteowl has dropped 98% of

whiteowl has dropped 98% of these on other tapes. Sorry man but this was a fail on your part

Haha I never commment on the

Haha I never commment on the covers, cuz i could care less. But god damn look at the picture of cucci..Haha. Shit look really weird..
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dont give a shit if its not about the tape. 504 is in the superbowl bitches!
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Yeah Yeah Yeah

Allen Got Tackled Flying In Off The Corner On The Fuck Ass Interference Call. Fucker Trapped The Ball On That Last Possession. Plus Griffen Got Clipped On That Kickoff Thats Why He Got Hurt. They Shoulda Started Off On The Five Not The 40, Look And See. And If They Play That Way Against The Colts They Gonna Lose Simple And Plain. Them Fuck Fumbles Are The Only Reasons They Lost. But I Guess Thats Why NO Going TO THE SUPERBOWL! Boo Boo Boo......
Yung Screw 817's picture

Fuck The Viqueens!!!

That was a bad-azz game! It was war til the end. The Vikings would of had it if it was'nt for all them turnovers. 3pt diff? If they would of played in Min it would probably be a dif story. Fuck it im glad they lost after what they did to the Cowboys. Is not over yet for The Saints tho. Good game! BIG UPS to The Dallas Mavericks for their 53pt advantage against The NY Knicks. 8 in a row baby!!!
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waht an ass whippin them

waht an ass whippin them mavs gave out
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I see the other Saints fans are trying to put on their colors now, but wazzup, glad to see ya'll on board, Our D got to Brett 16 times!, Busted his old ass up, might be the reason he finally retire this season, Samething we did to Kurt Warner, we busted his old ass up too, now he's contemplating finally retiring..
They both will go down as Hall of Famers, but will both end their legacy on Saints Losses, i like that.
before ya'll talk about officiating, lets go back to the stats, Vikings had only 5 penalties for 35 yards.. Saints had a whopping 9 Penalties for 88 yards, and still held the Vikes
Vikings got away with a lot (A LOT) of Offensive holding calls, Saints couldn't catch any break, they tried to call any and everything possible.. i think the worse call was when one of our players got flagged for hitting a player that was out of bounds, they never replayed it but i have DVR, i replayed it and the player pretty much hugged him to slow his self down yet they flagged it and put Vikings in a position to score on a otherwise punt, a few other bads one's but this post might get too big for it
The Vikings will have Saints fans Voices echoing in their head for the rest of the year now as the voices of the end of their Superbowl run.
Im probably the happiest person alive, soo many kats all over said we'd be 1 and done, we'd lose to this team next week, that team next week, etc etc.. I think Sean Payton had all types of shit planned out all along if you ask me, i'll forever believe that.
Obviously i made the prediction early before the season started, but then again i make predictions every year, so that don't mean nothin..
It's still hasn't sunk in that my team is going to be one of the teams going to the Superbowl!
It's gone probably take another day or so for it to fully sink in, i finally was able to make it to my Hotel room, im right on Canal street right now in New Orleans, they are still out there going crazy!! im just exhausted right now, mostly from the stress of the game, man i felt like i was doing some work lol..
Still one more game to go, but we are NFCS CHAMPIONS!
All whats left now is being the World Champions, man thats gone be a tough game in 2 weeks, Manning just disabled the #1 Defense!.. But Jets have a pathetic Offense so lets see what he can do with a So and So Defense and a #1 Offense. Either way, once again Saints are going to be the Underdogs going into another big game, i like being the underdog, takes away all of the BS that come with being top dog and getting locker room material the other team can use.., I remember when Tony Dungy gave Cowboys some good Locker room material when he said Dallas has no chance against the Saints, their coach posted that note in their locker rooms, he forgot each team has a group of grown ass men that is capable of doing whatever they want to do if they put their minds to it and enough adrenaline kicks in.
Aiight time for me to head back outta this hotel room, gotta get enough food i was raised on in me before i head back to FL where everything is cuban or fast food franchises.
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-SAINTS ARE SUPERBOWL BOUND!!-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
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Awesome Game

Gotta say I was rootin for the old man, but that was one hell of a game. Can't wait to see Manning cry!
dninc's picture


I didn't want to see any of the QB's we played hurt, and defiantly don't want to see Homeboy New Orleanian Payton Manning injured or his career ended.
Would love to see him break all records that are out there right now including Elways one day, i don't see many other QB's that are in a position to do that, i think Drew Brees and Payton Manning, are the only QB's left that could be stat Monsters, I would have Said Tom Brady but he's on a serious decline, this year will be a deciding year for him, his contract has 2 years left on it, i don't see him playing for any other teams, he'll probably go on to retire after his contract is up, he's been pounded to the ground way too many times to go through a rebuilding session with another team.
Payton Manning is one of those Coach/Qb's though and he's Cerebral, thats what puts him in one of those rare elite classes, he'll probably be in legendary status by the time it's all said and done. and i'd love for him to head back to his birth town and mentor everybody and have a statue built in his honor and all that shit.
It's going to be a good game though, you have 2 different style teams going into the bowl and 2 weeks to heal up, gameplan and one team will be looking to get another ring on the finger and add to their stats, the other will be playing for an entire city and region that have used to help them to and through the post-season and lifting a city that was once destroyed become proud Champions.
Man these people are still going at it out here!, i went to eat and everything and 2 hours later im still fighting traffic and people marching, dancing, etc to get to my hotel lol.. I lovez it!!, We Second lined with 2 brass bands all around the Superdome, down Canal street, to Bourbon street, up Royal Street, down Decatur, into St Charles and went back to the beginning of Bourbon.. i felt like i was on a cloud! I can't even imagine how it's going to be if we win a Superbowl (the Superbowl is a day after Mardi Gras when over 600,000 people are in town *So that gives you an idea of how big that would be).
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-SAINTS ARE SUPERBOWL BOUND!!-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
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Biggy Jiggy Run This!!!!

First i'll start by sayin is this ESPN or Mixtapetorrent..I'm just sayin'!!.. Go Saints!! But anyway Whiteowl you need to stop!! Snoop:West Coast, Nicki Minaj:East Coast(Jamaica Queens). Go back to puttin them wack ass no sellin, garbage track rappin on east coast songz on ya shit!!! ..Hightech 3stakz!!!
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yeh wtf

dudes seem to think its some club house, GTFO.. comment on the tape or something. FUCK YOUR TEAM ...Screw'd up ~ Lo'd down...
dninc's picture


So Explain to us why " YOU " didn't talk about the tape in your useless babble?
-- -_ soapbox moment gone.. awww
If the tape was any good we wouldn't use this as a chat block, instead it's shit so we gone make the best of it and talk about other shit, So Anyway, WHO DAT!!!!
illk wrote:
dudes seem to think its some club house, GTFO.. comment on the tape or something. FUCK YOUR TEAM ...Screw'd up ~ Lo'd down...
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-SAINTS ARE SUPERBOWL BOUND!!-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
illk's picture

i wasn't clear..

3 pages of sports comentrary for a mixtape? and you asking ME to explain?! aight, I think the tape is rubish, im not a fan of whiteowl at all, but I gave it a listen. ...Screw'd up ~ Lo'd down...
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Come On Man,

U See The Shit I Was Talkin Bout Though D? Shoot, That Clipping No Call Helped The FUCK Out When Yall Scampered To The Damn Forty When It Happened On The 15 Minus 10 Yall Shoulda Started At The 5. That Ball Was Uncatchable And From The Side View Dude Didnt Even Seem To Touch His Back Peddling Ass. But, I Aint No Vikes Fan. My Bosses Cousin Plays For Them So I Always Wished Them The Best Of Luck. I Guess There Is A Reason Yall Going To The Superbowl. Maybe THIS Will Finally Get Yall To Stop Shootin Each Other.... Shooooot, Yall Hate White Owl But This Is His Worst Drop In Bout Ten Tries. Buggy Juggy Gots JT And Madonna On His Last One Were They Rappin Or Hoppin Hip? AND He Put The Haiti Relief Tracks On There.... His Shits Are Wack. Sound Like A Fucking R&B/Dance Tape. White Owl DrAAAAAWP THAAAT, Rappin Not Saangin SHIT!!!!
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goddamn nigga all i see is your stankin ass in everybox nigga you wasnt at the game you at the crib typin talkn bout the hotel u must be there by yuself gettin no ass instead of partying you on he giving out stats.... shut the fuck up
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Say word

That nigga Dninc talking about he in Burbon St. in the middle of the biggest party in the nation, yet he in his "hotel room" on his computer telling us about it? LOL!!! Come on my dude you fucking pathetic! Why dont you back up your words and post your pictures on my space or facebook wearing your colors at the dome with the fam on Burbon st cuzz! FUCK them Saints!! they will never get that ring. The Colts are a much better team then yours. You niggas almost lost lastnight against a 40yr old QB in your own back yard! If it was'nt for that field goal your ass would be crying rightnow. The NFL should change the OT rules cause that shit was too easy. They should score a TD and skip the field goals. My man Fabre deserved to go to the superbowl for all the good effort he put in this whole year at his age.
dninc's picture

Who is Fabre?

Who the hell is fabre???? anyway.. When i posted from my hotel i was already done partying, it was 4:30am, i aint for staying up till 6am the hell ya'll talkin about? I think the Tarheel dude and Gstrang is hatin a lil too hard right now, ya team sucked too hard to go anywhere this year so you trying to rain on my parade lol.. SUck the dick and swallow is all i can say about that, New Orleans is a party every night, this one was just a better night but no different than any other football night as far as people go im out here like 8 times a month, it's just new to ya'll, The pussy is right where i live in FL..
And immma keep posting like i do every mixtape and i see Gstrang MY GREATEST FAN IS ALWAYS RIGHT UNDER ANY OTHER HATER HATIN! LOL.. that nigga will attach his fat lips to any dick ridin nikka in here, stay tooned...
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-SAINTS ARE SUPERBOWL BOUND!!-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
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LMAO Tarheels suck

Change yo name fool LOL, imma give you updates on my dick since you wanna be on it too.
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-SAINTS ARE SUPERBOWL BOUND!!-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
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first off

imma rep my team if they win or lose just like u. i dont need another nigga to back up my opinion and the last thing im on is your dick . i just see you on every mixtape. im not lookin 4 you . i came back to this 2 see your response . my point was i dont need your stat updates thats why i got 5 espn channels to do that. bitch
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At Least The Fucking Tar Heels Are REINGING CHAMPS!!!

Even If They Are Not At The Top Of They Game Right Now.... Tar Heels!!!!
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Let him

Let Dninc have his rant, I mean all of us have seen him cheering for his Saints all year. On every tape backing his shit up (logos, fact's, etc..,) If there is a football fan, this dude goes hard, But You ain't win it all Yet!! Colts...Peyton, they're a huge obstacle. Anyways I'm looking forward to the game, it's gonna be a good one. If I was to choose one of the two though, Imma have to go with Saints, just cause my UM homeboys play for them(same school and class of 02~6) and I'll be cheering them on.
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hahah the knicks.......

fuck dem hustler haters......ah nigga gotta eat...big ups to the mavs my brother-in-law a big mavs fan him and my big sis in the D town.......but the knicks com'on dude wow....hahah...... {NO CODE OF CONDUCT}¤