DJ Whiteowl - Street Kings Vol 6 (R.I.P. Nate Dogg Edition)

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1. (00:03:50) Nate Dogg - Regulators ft. Warren G
2. (00:02:26) Nate Dogg - Tha Next Episode ft. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg
3. (00:03:03) Nate Dogg - Bosses Life ft. Snoop Dogg
4. (00:03:40) Nate Dogg - Lay Low ft. Snoop Dogg, Master P & Butch Cassidy
5. (00:03:57) Nate Dogg - I'm So Fly ft. Warren G & Snoop Dogg
6. (00:03:50) Nate Dogg - Ain't No Fun ft. Snoop Dogg, Dz & Kurupt
7. (00:04:10) Nate Dogg - Till I Collapse ft. Eminem
8. (00:03:15) Nate Dogg - 21 Questions ft. 50 Cent
9. (00:02:29) Nate Dogg - Never Enough ft. Eminem & 50 Cent
10. (00:03:07) Nate Dogg - Times Up ft. Jadakiss
11. (00:03:26) Nate Dogg - Special ft. Game
12. (00:02:59) Nate Dogg - Where I'm From ft. Game
13. (00:03:24) Nate Dogg - Oh No ft. Mos Def & Pharoah Monch
14. (00:03:08) Nate Dogg - Multiply ft. Xzibit
15. (00:00:01) Nate Dogg - Interlude
16. (00:03:46) Nate Dogg - Say My Name ft. Eminem & Xzibit
17. (00:04:20) Nate Dogg - Runnin' Ya Mouth ft. Biggie, Fabolous, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes & Foxy Brown
18. (00:03:44) Nate Dogg - Me And My Homie ft. Tupac
19. (00:03:38) Nate Dogg - I Got Love
20. (00:04:00) Nate Dogg - Shake That Ass ft. Eminem
21. (00:03:47) Nate Dogg - Bonus Track

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Good tape. Missing a few gems like 'I Need A Bitch', his classic verse from 'Xxplosive', 'Bitch Please', and a few others, but if you looking for a good tape to jam out to and bum out to what Hip-Hop has lost, this is it. RIP Nate Dogg, West Coast Legend.

and 'How Long Will They Me'

and 'How Long Will They Me' ;).
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and the track "1 more day!"

Return 2 TitleTown

Gotta blaze 2 diz..

I wouldnt have it any other waY!! R.I.P. N.A.T.E. D.O.DOUBLE G.
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Well, That didn't take long

This mixtape was thrown together quick.. im bettin a bunch of other DJ's and wanna-be newbs about to put out somethin too. R.I.P..
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EASTSIDE OF THkA 110 WE BUSTA KILLAZ........(i cant stand bitch ass nigga)
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Nate, We gonna miss U Dogg! *414 n da bill'din!!*
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needs a better dj

the tracklist looks like whiteowl just took whatever he had with nate dogg on it and threw a cd together so he could say FIRST! YOU CAN EASILY MAKE A DOUBLE CD WITH ALL THE NATE DOGG HITS SINCE 1991. *Fuck Your Comments*
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RIP to the big homie NATE DOGG la da da da da


nice tape


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RIP Big Nate Dogg the og hook man. (Chase Paper)